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5 Things You Must Know About Windows Vista Games


Windows Vista is an operating system launched by Microsoft in 2006. Due to its high quality features and high system requirements it’s not supportable for every application. Windows vista games are not easy to found because of its high system requirements and supportable plug n play. It requires high graphics and high resolution which enhances users gaming mode.

Step 1

If you are addicted to games then you must be interested in playing Windows Vista games on your computer. With the Windows Vista operating system you should be able to run most new games without much of a problem. Not only does the operating system come in to play with Windows Vista games, but the quality and game play will also depend on your computer's hardware and specifications.

Step 2

The better the computer the better quality your Window Vista games will run. You can easily download many types of games through internet but first do read the system requirements either they match with your system or not.

Step 3

Running a game in the Windows Vista operating system works a little differently than it has in any other version of Windows. Unlike Windows XP where a shortcut icon for the game would be placed in your "Programs" menu, Windows Vista has a specialized "Games" folder where these shortcut icons are placed.

Step 4

To run a game in Windows Vista you have to locate this folder and select your game manually. If you install any game its shortcut will automatically appeared in that games folder and you can access it through control panel.

Step 5

Sometimes people start having a misconception after installing or reinstalling windows vista that there is no windows vista games installed in. Well by default the windows vista games are found in the control panel window but if they aren’t present there they should be inactive. To active them you should have to choose the features option in control panel and turn it on. This will enable all the required features of windows and windows vista games folder will appeared.


Some windows vista games cannot run although they meet up all the system requirements but they constantly show a black screen when run and after that they exit automatically. In this case the problem found out is mostly with the screen resolution although the games are supported with auto resolution program. It is a program in which games automatically choose the required screen resolution they want from the system. But if the game doesn’t then you have to go and adjust the screen resolution manually from control panel.


Before running Windows Vista games you should exit any unnecessary applications that are running in the background. This will help your computer to free up some space for the games to run faster. If you want to find applications of windows vista games that may be running and you are unaware of them click CTRL ALT DELETE and go to your task manager. All the processes currently running are shown there and it’s easy for you to see which application is running extra. Do not exit ones that could mess up your computer and potentially shut it down or harm the software. 

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/30/2012
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5 Things You Must Know About Windows Vista Games. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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