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How To Hide Acne in Pictures


Digital photography makes it easy to manipulate photographs so that you can change those things that you don't like. This means that you can add, subtract, or change colors to suit your needs. It also means that you can hide pictures acne so that you will end up with the type of picture that you desire.

Step 1

Start by downloading your pictures acne onto the computer or scanning them in. You want to save them to your computer hard drive. This will allow you to be able to open them up in a photo editing program. Afterwards, double click on the photo editing software program that you have already downloaded onto your computer. This will open the program but if it doesn't, then you can also go to the start icon, then to "all programs" before choosing this software program from the menu. Either way, you want to have the photo editing program open on your computer now.

Step 2

Now that you have your photo editing program open you will want to go to the pictures acne. More than likely your pictures acne will be stored in the "My Photos" section. Simply click "File" then "Open" to choose "From File" and locate your pictures acne on your computer. You will now be able to use your photo editing software to manipulate your pictures acne.

Step 3

Find either the cloning icon or tool that is located on the menu bar. This is the tool that will allow you to change the way that your pictures acne actually look. Once you click on this your mouse pointer will actually turn into a cloning tool. You will then be able to either erase or cover up part of your pictures acne thanks to the way in which this tool operates. It is the best tool to use whenever you want to hide flaws in a photograph.

Step 4

There are a few other ways in which you can also touch up a photograph if you would like to do so. First of all, you can choose a color that you like in the photograph itself. Use the "cloning" tool for this. Now with this tool you will be able to blend the color you like into the color that you don't like. In this way you will actually be able to cover up acne. Secondly, you can use the cloning tool to choose and then pick up a clear section of the skin. Once you have picked that area of skin up with your cloning tool it is simply a matter of dragging it over top of the area that you wish to cover. This will make the blemish disappear since you have covered it with clear colored skin.

Step 5

Once you have made any changes to your pictures acne you will want to make sure that you save them. Always use a new name for the photograph that you have made the changes to. Now you will also be able to print this photograph out if you would like to do so.


Also, try editing acne out of pictures by adjusting the picture's lighting and brightness.

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