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How To Treat Cellulitis

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Treatment for any sort of illness, if not taken in an appropriate and measured amount according to the prescription of the doctor or physician, will not bring you back to health. It is therefore necessary to first get the adequate knowledge regarding the condition and then taking proper treatment for it up to a described time period. Same is the case when it comes to the treatment of cellulitis.

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Cellulitis is a dreadful condition that falls in the category of infections, the infections that are usually caused by bacteria. This is disease is a skin disease that occurs due to the rapid production and infection of bacteria in the skin. It has been observed that the celulitis is caused by an injury, where the bacteria start growing in the injured area of your body and thus increases its own population and the infection as well. The cellulitis can usually be found in feet and legs at the lower part of the body especially the feet are most exposed to the germs and infections. The blood flow in this part of the body is considerably lower as well and thus the attack of some fungal infection is most likely to appear. However there is still the probability of cellulitis where there is some intravenous catheter as well.


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Any type of bacteria could prove to be the cause of cellulitis, but Streptococcus is the most widespread means for the cultivation cellulitis. It is never difficult to avoid a disease if you follow some basic hygiene rules. However, some conditions are caused even if there is extreme precaution taken. In such a case, it is necessary to consult a doctor as well as to know all about the condition. Here are a few easy to follow tips for the treatment of cellulitis. First and foremost is the home remedy of the cellulitis condition that you can accomplish on your own, it is the use of antibiotics orally for the skin. As this infectious condition is mostly caused due to the spread of bacteria, it is therefore quite handy to nip the evil in the bud with the use of antibiotics.


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The antibiotics might include penicillin, dicloxacillin, cephalosporin, erythromycin and vancomycin.


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You can help the blood circulation in the infected area to increase by applying a germ free and salted mop, put some pressure on the subject area and raise the skin upwards. This will help the blood circulation and in turn will reduce pain and help the affected area to heal quickly.

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For a further precaution, you may take a blood or skin sample to a test laboratory to know which form of bacteria you have and what precautions you must take to avoid it. There are specific antibiotics for each type of bacteria and knowing the type you are having will help the doctor know which antibiotic to give you.


It is good to know the home remedies for treatment of cellulitis but you must be very careful when it comes to facial cellulitis as the skin of the face is much more sensitive and fragile as compared to the skin of the rest of the body parts. Make sure to consult a doctor in time.

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