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The medical definition of a disease can be a condition that blocks a normal body function. As an example, diabetes is a desiase as a result of the pancreas that is not producing enough insulin to manage blood sugar. As a result, the basic body performance of regulating blood glucose levels is blocked. 

If you tie a tourniquet around your finger, the blood flow is restricted. The tissue below the tourniquet does not receive blood flow containing life-giving oxygen and nutrients. The finger dies, becomes gangrenous and you lose your finger. Is that this a desiase? It meets the definition. Presumably not, though gangrene can surely be classified as a desiase, the proximate reason for losing the finger was the tourniquet. Definitions are helpful, but not, as I even have demonstrated, the last word. Definitions beget lots of clarifications and exceptions.

Desiases, the scourge of mankind, the foremost tough disadvantage we have a tendency to face as a species. Desiases have wiped out whole populations. Consider the fate of the indigenous peoples Plague, smallpox, and variety of different maladies affected them and killed lots of the native population than guns, arrows and swords combined. A cure for the common cold eludes us to this very day! We have no cure for viral infections of any kind! AIDS, the common cold, influenza, and various viral desiases can't be cured. In some cases, they will be averted by vaccines, but this can be often prevention, not cure.

Now, bacterial infections, once vanquished by penicillin and erythromycin, are evolving into resistant strains. Why is this happening? Overprescribing antibiotics - every sniffle, cough and sneeze we get, we have a tendency to rush to the doctor's for a cure. We have gradually allowed ourselves to become enthusiastic to antibiotics with the result our own immune systems haven't been afforded the prospect to develop antibodies to those common ills.

The industrial exploitation of our worry of germs also contributes to resistant infections. To wit, antibacterial counter cleaners, antibacterial tub soap, antibacterial hand gel, antibacterial laundry detergent, antibacterial socks, antibacterial ultraviolet wands, and varied various antibacterial merchandise are serving to make resistant bacteria.

The improper use of prescription antibiotics is another factor. Many patients fail to follow directions. We have a habit to prescribe to a course of antibiotic and instead of finishing the medication. we leave them midway and this allows surviving resistant bacteria to multiply and unfold causing tougher strains of desiases. It's time we quit playing cowboy and allow our bodies to do what nature designed them to and stop the desiases causing germs to be drug resistant. If we don't do this, in future, we might never be able to fight desiases.

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/23/2012
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