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Is There A Cure For Degenerative Diseases?


Degenerative diseases or illnesses that affect the body and change the part that is abnormal.  Degenerative diseases can be about any disease of the body that can make that part stop working at full function. There are many diseases that over time, even when controlled, can still cause the part of the body affected to degenerate or not work to full capacity. Diabetes could be considered a degenerative disease because over time it can cause different parts of the body to no tbe able to function as well as they should. A person with diabetes can lose kidney function and eye sight when it is not controlled.

There is a lot of debate and controversy over stem cells and their use to treat degenerative diseases. With stem cell therapy, there has been many debates about how effective this type of therapy can be. There are two different stem cells: the embryonic stem cells that are isolated and the adult stem cells found in adult tissue. Stem cells and progenitor cells act as repairs for the body. They can maintain the normal turnover rate for regenerative organs such as blood and skin. Stem cells can be grown and transformed into specialized cells. These therapies are being tested on people who have generate diseases, and controversy surrounding these practices have been the topic of many debates because no one knows if they work right or for how long they will work. Some are saying that doctors that use stem cell therapies are compromising their own ethics. While this may be true we will never advance with medicine if we do not try new approaches for treatments.

Adult stem cells have to have the ability to divide and create a cell in itself and also divide to be of any help. The cells capacity to proliferate and differentiate will decrease with the age of the cell donor. With degenerative diseases there has been signs of hope and promise by using stem cells. The problem that scientists are running into is getting the stem cells to go to the area that the degenerative disease is happening. There is hope in the field of treating degenerative diseases with stem cells. Adult stem cells have also been shown to be more promising than once thought. There is a lot of potential for stem cells to help with diseases but more research needs to be done.

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Degenerative diseases have been around for a long time. There are ways to control them from becoming progressively worse. Listening to your doctor and taking your medicine can help you.

By Sally Vigil, published at 03/02/2012
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