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How To Protect Yourself From Contagious Skin Diseases


The skin is the most exposed organ in the human body. It is therefore very vulnerable to diseases as it covers the whole entire body. Contagious skin diseases can do a lot of harm to ones skin and even cause permanent damage as well as scars. There are different causes of contagious skin diseases ranging from bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast and even parasites. Different skin infections have different treatments, transmission methods, as well as causes. Skin coming into contact with certain substances, an infection or even an inflammatory reaction in the immune system can cause you skin problems. Different viruses that attack your body can cause you to suffer from contagious skin diseases because they attack body organs.


Contagious skin diseases have been in existence for a while and have become even worse in recent days due to climate change and the various dangerous cosmetic products that people are using. People have been experimenting with their skin and this has left them at a disadvantage since the human skin is very sensitive. Contagious skin diseases have been infecting people irrespective of age, gender or even generation. The current generation is lucky because of the various inventions that have been made in terms of creams, sunscreen and serums to be able to protect the skin from the very hot sun rays which play a huge part in causing chronic diseases like skin cancer. In other words skin diseases have been around as long as man has.


Contagious skin diseases can be easily transmitted by infected persons. To be safe do not make any skin contact with an infected person. Do not share razors, towels, bathtubs or hot tubs. Be careful when using public swimming pools because you are not aware of the skin condition of every person using it. You should know that contagious skin diseases can affect any part of the skin including the scalp and therefore you should also be careful with the products and things you use on your head/hair. Whenever you want to sit or lay directly under the sun be sure to use sunscreen because the sun rays can be harsh on your skin. Before using any cosmetic products or lotions and body creams make sure that none of the ingredients are harmful to your skin and when not sure you can always ask your dermatologist.

Tips and comments

Always remember that your skin is the largest organ you have and if you do not take good care of it chances are you will spoil it. Avoid anything that can cause you to be infected by any contagious skin diseases and if you are already infected you should see a doctor or seek help. Some of these infections can cause permanent damage to your skin and body. Do not use any products blindly and just because something worked on someone, does not mean you should just use it as well. Get professional advice first. Do not forget that beauty is skin deep.

By emma Wanjiku, published at 04/02/2012
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