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What To Do For Green Skin


There are a few things that we do which tend to make our skin green. These things include wearing of rings for quite a long time which turns your skin green after some time. This is because of the fact that rings are usually made of metal and there is a reaction that takes place between the ring and the acid that is in your skin or with the reaction that tales place between the metallic ring and the lotion that you are wearing on your hands. There are many metallic objects like Copper, Platinum, and Silver etc which oxidizes with your skin to give it an unpleasant and unattractive green color. Now this green color does not affect some people while in some people it causes an itchy and irritant feeling, this is the reason why some people want to avoid their contact with metal objects. There are also times when people use metal blades on their skins to get rid of unwanted hair which makes their skin green.


The turning of skin green is a common thing that has been experienced by people from a long time. There are many people in the past who had their skins turned green but due to less knowledge of science they could not do anything to make their skin look better and to remove itchy green appearance on the skin.


The green skin can be treated with the help of herbal treatments. You can treat your destroyed skin with the help of green herbal masks or massages. You need to take all sorts of herbs like alovera, honey, and milk and make a paste out of it, and apply for 20 to 30 minutes every day and you will see that your green skin will start to disappear and will be replaced with normal skin. You can also try using a paste made of honey, lemon, papaya and fresh milk and apply in the same way for the same time and its result will be shown in a month’s time. You can also try rubbing lemon or lime on the part of your skin that has turned green and you will see how quickly your skin will loose the green color. These were the curative measures and the preventive measures include; if you really want to wear rings then you can try wearing the ones that are made of pure gold and try avoiding the artificial jewelry. If in case you wear them try wearing the ones which have a platinum coating on them. You can also make a coating of your nail polish and then wear the ring. Nail polish acts as a really good material which prevents reactions from taking place. You must also try and avoid soap or lotion coming in contact with the ring or any metallic thing like blades etc.

Tips and Comments

The green skin looks really unattractive and sometimes it causes irritation in many people. It is something that people try avoiding and with all the treatments mentioned above can really help in getting rid of green skin. But since all these treatments are home remedies they might take a little while in making the results appear.

By Amara, published at 03/22/2012
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