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How To Treat Hand, Foot And Mouth Diseases

Published at 04/05/2012 12:10:23


How to treat hand, foot, and mouth diseases is a very important thing for every person to know since it is the common problem that affects most people in the society. In most cases, hand, foot, and mouth diseases are diseases caused by germs which comes into contact with our bodies when we are doing work or when we are just walking.

Step 1

Fever is one of the mouth diseases which is very common among all the ages. How to treat  hand, foot, and mouth disease depends on the condition of the disease and the stage, whether early stage or late stage. In most cases, the treatment of fever is recommended by the doctor that the patient takes antibiotic when the fever is in late stage. Also, taking warm water mixed with lemon juice is another way of treating the fever. In many cases, treatment of hand, foot, and mouth disease is practiced at home. The person should have knowledge and have ideas that fever is caused by hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Step 2

How to treat  hand, foot, and mouth disease is complicated but there are some steps to follow when treating these hand foot and mouth diseases. You first let the disease run its course. This means that, after the person is infected with the hand foot and mouth disease like flu, you let the disease continue for like two days before recommending any treatment. This helps because if you treat the disease in its early stage, the virus that causes the disease might become resistance to the drugs.

Step 3

If the symptoms appear worse than normal, take the patient to the doctor to be diagnosed. This is to ensure that no any other disease has joined in. Another way of treating hand foot and mouth disease is to ensure that the patient takes a lot of fluid. In this case, fluid helps to reduce the high temperature which is caused by the disease.

Step 4

How to treat hand, foot, and mouth diseases is that you keep the patient indoors for some time before allowing him or her to mingle with people. In this case, keeping the patient indoors will prevent the patient from re-infection and protect the other healthy people from getting the disease since these hand foot and mouth diseases are airborne diseases and can be transmitted easily from one person to another. After you have isolated the patient for some time, seek medical advice immediately so that the patient can be diagnosed by a qualified physician. How to treat hand foot and mouth disease is very important since many of this disease can lead to other deadly disease like tuberculosis which can lead to death within a very short time. It is also important to maintain high level of hygiene as a way of treating these diseases.

Step 5

It is advisable that the fluid patient is talking to mostly water and milk since these add energy to body and it helps in replacement of the worn out tissues in the body.


It is important to maintain high level of hygiene as a way of treating hand,foot, and mouth diseases.Therefore, how to treat hand,foot, and mouth diseases is very important thing for every one to know.

Anybody can get hand,foot mouth diseases through contamination.

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