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Mouth and foot diseases are common and vary in degrees of intensity. There are many causes of the diseases and each has to be diagnosed carefully so as to get the correct treatment. They also have different symptoms and can be treated or avoided altogether with proper hygiene practices. There are some mouth and foot diseases that re common in children while others affect mostly adults. Other diseases are common among people who either live in specific environments or are in specific occupations and these can be called occupational mouth and foot diseases.


Since most of these mouth and food diseases are caused by either viruses or fungi, they have evolved over time from simple organisms to complex entities that are capable of causing a lot of suffering to their victims. Some of these have been developed in labs across the world with the aim of engaging in bio terrorism but thee have been counter measures to deal with that. In the mid centuries plagues pertaining to mouth and foot diseases swept across continents and caused untold suffering and death and yet few understood what this that afflicted them so much is. Technological advances and research have since unraveled the myths and spared the citizens of the world the agony. Now we have readily available over the counter drugs to treat simple mouth and foot diseases.


We will look at mouth and foot diseases in two categories; those that affect the mouth and those that affect the feet. Some mouth diseases are uncomplicated, last a short time and can be treated easily at home using simple solutions and measures. You will be surprised at how a simple solution of salty water gurgled twice a day can do in alleviated common mouth problems. Others are quite complex, painful and take many days and harsh treatment to get rid of. Some common symptoms of mouth disease are blistering, ulcers, sore throat, fever, painful tongue and a smelly mouth.

The feet come into contact with a lot of contaminating factors and this makes them very vulnerable to mouth and foot diseases. Disease affecting the feet are classified into three, namely; dermatological foot conditions, arthritic foot conditions and vascular disorders depending on which part of the foot they affect. The disease may affect the skin, nails or the bone thus making it necessary to classify them. Because the feet support the whole body weight, they tend to be prone to diseases and conditions triggered by over use and trauma. Treatment of mouth and foot diseases affecting the feet is different and can range from simple home remedies to complex regiments that may include surgery.

Tips and comments

Taking good care of our mouths and feet will reduce our vulnerability to mouth and foot diseases. Hygiene is the first step to achieving this and in the case of the feet, minimizing pressure, good postures and wearing well fitting shoes too will help. Do not ignore mouth and foot diseases but take first aid measures or visit a doctor.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/08/2012
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