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Prevention Of Muscular Skeletal Diseases


Muscular skeletal diseases are diseases which mostly affect the skeletal muscle and can cause severe injury for the rest of the patient’s life. It is very important to have some tips and ideas about the prevention of muscular skeletal diseases so that we lead a healthy life.


Spinal injury is one of the common muscular skeletal diseases in the whole world. It is mainly caused by the accident and in many cases it affects the brains function. In order to prevent this muscular skeletal disease, the drivers are urged to be more careful in the roads so that they can minimize the number of roads accidents which is the major cause of this spinal injury. Also anybody should be careful about the work he or she is doing. To prevent this muscular skeletal disease, one should not carry heavy things which it exceeds their weight. Therefore it is advisable to lead a careful life for anyone to avoid the spinal injury. Also another way of preventing this muscular skeletal injury is to see a doctor immediately you notice any pain in the back which is not common because this can lead to the spinal injury.

Cardiac arrest is another serious type of muscular skeletal disease. This muscular skeletal disease is very serious and it can cause death within a very short time because it affects the brain and causing breathing problem. To prevent this muscular skeletal disease, you are advised to take fewer fats in the food and avoid cholesterol which blocks the blood vessels and causing high blood pressure. To prevent this muscular skeletal disease, healthy exercise is encouraged to the people of ages. Since cardiac arrest is the most serious muscular skeletal diseases recorded in the world, care must be taken to prevent. Also to prevent muscular skeletal disease, you need to see a doctor when you feel some changes in your body especially the muscles. Biological reduction of the body weight and size is another good way of preventing muscular skeletal diseases. You should reduce your weight in a way that will not lead to other related problems like cancer.


Another muscular skeletal disease is the muscle pull. This is another common muscular skeletal disease which mostly affects the players who are fond of not practicing. To prevent these muscular skeletal diseases, you are advised to make healthy practice especially for the players before getting into the play ground. Making practice before getting into the felt helps to prepare the muscles to get ready for the exercise. Also to prevent this muscular skeletal disease, apply the medicated oil in the muscles before and after playing so that the oil softens the muscles. This muscle pull is most common and there a massage can prevent this type of muscular skeletal disease.

Tips and comments

It is important as a community in the world to join hands together so that we can prevent the muscular skeletal diseases which contributes to the highest number of death in the world. Also to prevent muscular skeletal diseases, we should lead a healthy life and we should try to more vigilant in our roads to reduce the number of accidents.

By emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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