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Top 5 Causes Of Skeletal Muscular Diseases


Skeletal muscular diseases are those conditions and diseases that affect the muscle and skeletal systems. Skeletal muscles are wrapped around the bone and their function is to effect skeletal movement and to maintain posture. These muscles are constantly in use and they need to be maintained and replenished with nourishment often so as to avoid skeletal muscular diseases. There are very many diseases that affect this system, some of which are rare and incurable with others being common and much researched on with the aim of giving relief from associated pain of illness and top cure the disease.

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Some of skeletal muscular diseases are caused by a degenerative disease. Most of the diseases in this category are incurable, with most of the rare diseases being found here. Degenerative diseases that are common in this case are dystrophy, atrophy and HIV aids. Dystrophy is an inherited disease and there is no known cure for the distressing condition which sees the muscles slowly dying until one loses the use of their body parts like limbs.

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Skeletal muscular diseases can also be caused by mutations in the skeletal muscle alpha actin gene. There are very few known reasons why mutations occur as there are no members of the family who have the same problem. The degree of this mutation may vary from acute cases at child birth to mild conditions that will see the child mature to adulthood.

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HIV aids can also cause skeletal muscular diseases in human beings. The condition starves the muscles of needed nutrients like protein and the supply of oxygen is also reduced drastically. The effect of this is that the tissue making up the muscles shrinks and can longer support the patient limiting his movement and productivity.

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Injuries to the spinal code can lead to skeletal muscular diseases. This can happen after an accident, fall or due to an illness that affects the backbone. This is an especially traumatic experience as it happens suddenly and changed one’s life completely. A long period of sedentary lifestyle like in the case of one who has been bed ridden for long may also cause mild versions of skeletal muscular diseases, though this can be treated.

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There are also skeletal muscular diseases associated with selenium deficiency. The selenium deficiency is either due to low intakes, mal-absorption or an illness that decrease oxygen absorption like HIV and alcoholism. The patient is advised to increase their in take of selenium in the case of low intake and in the case of alcoholism they are asked to decrease alcohol intake and take more water and other oxygen rich foods. In the case of HIV diet plays a key role in their treatment and management. This is because there is no cure but management will increase the patient’s lifespan.


Proper diet, exercise and treatment can help a person with skeletal muscular diseases and they may recover fully or manage some level of mobility. In the rare and acute skeletal and muscular diseases management and care are advised.

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