Skeletal Diseases That Are Usually Aquired in Old Age
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Skeletal Diseases That Are Usually Aquired in Old Age

Published at 02/16/2012 00:26:21

The Skeletal System: Revisited

Skeletal Diseases That Are Usually Aquired in Old Age

The part of our body that supports our weight and allows us to be able to acquire some forms is our skeletal system. This system is composed of not just bones but also ligaments, muscles, tendons and cartilages that compliment the entire skeletal system. The functions or purposes of the skeletal system include not just giving support for our movement and body shape but also as protection for our bodily organs like the brain, heart, the spinal cord and lungs. This also helps in the production of blood cells, the storage of calcium, and regulates our endocrine.

This is considered as the hardest part of our body. But in spite of its strong make up, our skeletal system can also experience some diseases that are known as skeletal diseases.

Skeletal Diseases and Disorders

Skeletal Diseases That Are Usually Aquired in Old Age

There are many skeletal diseases that are known to cause suffering in many people. Some of these diseases or disorders are caused by age, injuries, bad eating habits, accidents, or deficiency of some vitamins and minerals. In most cases of skeletal diseases or disorders, the disease can cause much pain and the effect can be devastating. There are even situations when the person suffering from certain skeletal diseases would not be able to walk properly because of the pain or damage the diseases are inflicting.

Common skeletal diseases that the world has known include fractures. There are times when some part of our bones would break for different reasons. Depending on the health of the skeletal system, the break can be very fatal or just simple.

People also suffer extreme pain in the joints, which is known as bursitis. This type of disorder of the skeletal system usually happens in the shoulder joints or the hip joints. Bursitis happens when you have swelling of the bursa which is the small fluid-filled sacs; these sacs help the skeletal system and  works as lubricants so muscles can move without problem.

Other Common Skeletal Diseases

Skeletal Diseases That Are Usually Aquired in Old Age

Other common skeletal diseases are osteoporosis, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

1. Osteoporosis – This disease happens to people when they there is loss of bone tissues. Most of those that are affected by this disease are women. The hormonal imbalance is the one responsible for the loss of calcium and phosphorous which are in bones.

2. Arthritis – Surely you have heard of people complain about this disease. The moment you feel some swelling of your joints and some stiffness and pain then you are already experiencing arthritis.

3. Rheumatoid Arthritis- This disease, on the other hand, is when there is an inflammation of the synovial lining that is in your joints. This disease is considered as with a chronic nature and has a progressive condition that is being characterized by painful and swollen joints.

Old Age And Skeletal Diseases

Most of the skeletal diseases are due to age, injuries, and accidents. People who are growing old may are prone to diseases that are characterized as a wear-and-tear condition like arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These skeletal diseases are common in people who are getting old.


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