Types Of Pear Tree Diseases
Diseases Diseases

Types Of Pear Tree Diseases

Published at 04/02/2012 08:55:05

Grow Your Own Fruit Tree

Types Of Pear Tree Diseases

Instead of buying fruits and vegetables from the market, it would really be great if you are able to grow them in your own backyard or farm. In growing trees you can be assured that you know how the fruit was taken cared for and safe to eat. However, it is indeed not easy to grow any trees in your backyard without worrying about different aspects in growing trees. Maintaining trees can be tough task to do but it can be very rewarding which is why some people would still love to grow their own trees.

For people who are just new in growing fruit trees like pear, they will be faced with different types of issues because growing trees is a bit trickier that growing vegetable plants. Keeping the tree healthy and free of diseases varies from one tree to another. One of the things the person has to understand when he is growing pear tree is the times of the year to trim the tree and how to prune it so it would keep growing in a set pace in a healthy condition.

Types of Pear Tree Diseases

Types Of Pear Tree Diseases

Among the many aspects a person has to take into account in growing pear trees is how to keep the tree off the many types of diseases. Yes, trees do get diseases too. To make the task a bit trickier, there are several types of pear tree diseases that are to watch out for. These pear tree diseases will make your tree-growing more challenging.

One type of pear tree diseases includes the pear tree scab, canker and fire blight.

The scab is considered a fungal disease that can attack your pear tree. This disease will show some brown-scab-like marks on the fruit and mostly leaves some black marks on the leaves. As time progress, the blotches in the leaves will turn browner. But it is observed that the taste of the pear would still be the same even with the unsightly blotches.

The disease known as canker shows some deformed patches of bark that will eventually be cracked and bent inwards. This disease becomes noticeable at the start if autumn as a type of swelling of the tree’s bark.

Another example of pear tree diseases is pear tree fire blight. Pear trees are considered susceptible to this type of disease. What becomes noticeable is how the leaves will start to turn black. Then swellings will appear on the tree and ooze bacterial.

Everything Will Be Fine

Types Of Pear Tree Diseases

Even with these diseases, everything is still not lost since there still something that can be done about it. Common ways of treating pear tree diseases include pruning, spraying fungicides that has copper and applied on the leaves and bark.

There are also other ways to keep your pear tree safe from diseases and treat leaf and fruit conditions.

Keep Your Pear Tree Healthy

If you are interested in having a healthy pear tree growing in your backyard then always make sure that you do your research and learn different ways to keep your tree from pear tree diseases


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