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How To Treat Fatal Diseases


We all discern the actuality that everything which has life would one day shrivel and die. Still from the antique times it has been endeavor by the scientists to uncover something which make the life everlasting. Though they have very much disastrous in this attempt, nevertheless in doing so they have created few ways which absolutely cannot prevent death but certainly can protract the span of life of a individual.Here is the list of fatal diseases which overwhelms the lives of millions each year, but still there are few lucky ones who battle with similar disease and are healed due to available medicines.

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Lower respiratory infections: Above 4 million individuals die each year owing to lower respiratory infections which comprises pneumonia and other diseases of the lungs, windpipe or bronchial tubes. The basis of these diseases might spread from coughing, laughing, sneezing and exhaling. The cure and healing is probable now for these fatal diseases in the form of brawny antibiotics of sturdy antibiotics.

HIV/AIDS, Acquired immune deficiency syndrome: HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, it corrodes the immune system. Above 3 million individuals clinch death due to these terrible fatal diseases each year. And the contamination charge is 39.5 million. HIV-positive people can exist on life-extending antiretroviral drugs for decades but there is no heal for AIDS.

Malaria: The death fee of this Fatal Disease lies from 1 million to 5 million yearly. The infection rate of this disease is as well extremely privileged as the cause of this disease is a feminine mosquito anopheles. Defensive measures are to utilize mosquito nets and interior mosquito killer sprays; in addition lots of anti-malarial drugs have been created which have significantly augmented the endurance rate of the victim.

Diarrhea: Diarrhea kills 2.2 million individuals each year and the evidenced illness rate is 4 billion a year. The basis of spread of such fatal diseases is the unhygienic water and decayed food which holds bacteria like dysentery and cholera. Diarrhea can be healed by making patient recuperate his de-hydrated salts in the course of oral means.

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Tuberculosis: Two million individuals die of the tuberculosis each year, approximately 2 million are contaminated and about 8 million latest cases expand every year. The key cause of spreading this fatal disease is coughing and sneezing. Treatment of the disease majorly comprises BCG- vaccine and drug-anti strains.

Measles: 530,000 measles deaths are yearly recorded amongst which the bulk is of children, the infection rate scrutinized is above 30 million people each year. The source of spreading this Fatal Disease is coughing and sneezing. Vaccinations are accessible to entirely avoid such fatal diseases; if they are not taken then treatments are present which can heal the disease.

Tetanus: Tetanus is as well recognized as lockjaw and a potentially fatal disease of the nervous system. It causes 214,000 deaths yearly and 500,000 cases are reported each year. The fundamental basis of spread is injury contaminated badly with bacteria spores which are generally found in soil. Vaccines are set up to be the best healing of this disease.


As the medical science have developed, heal of lots of fatal diseases have been made probable which were deemed as the emblem of terror and death.

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