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Numbness can be caused by many things. A tingling and numb sensation of the arms, fingers, feet and legs can be caused by the limb falling asleep and will finally wake up and the numbness will go away once you get that limb moving again. Another cause is certain medications. Some prescription drugs can cause the characterized feeling of numbness and tingling because these are usual side effects. The numbness and tingling will eventually go away when the medication dosage is lowered or stopped completely. However, if there is numbness and tingling that doesn't go away then this could be characterized by certain diseases that have numbness and tingling as a symptom. If this happens, you should see a doctor immediately.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One disease characterized by numbness and tingling of the wrists and arms is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by using your wrists and arms at long periods of time. This could be using the keyboard of your computer for long periods of time and other jobs that require the use of your wrists and arms for long periods of time. This means pressure on the median nerve of the wrist. Do you sit on the computer all day typing? If so, you are at risk of this disease characterized by numbness. It can affect one or both hands, depending on the one used the most. It can come on gradually or start at the top of your arms and work its way down to your wrists. If you think you are starting to show symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which can be a disease characterized by numbness, you should see a doctor immediately.


Paralysis is a disease characterized by numbness. If you become paralyzed, you run the risk of having no feelings at all in one or more of your extremities. This could be caused by many things including a spinal or back injury and certain diseases. If you become paralyzed you may never be able to feel your body again. This is something everyone fears will happen to them. It is also a disease characterized by numbness and eventual loss of sensation.

Tips and comments

There are many other diseases characterized by numbness and tingling.

Diabetes can be characterized by numbness as it can have an effect on the nervous system. The numbness may occur in the arms, legs, feet or hands. This disease characterized by numbness can be an early symptom of diabetes or it can be an onset of late treatments for Type one and Type two diabetes.

Spinal cord or disk disorders can also be diseases characterized by numbness and tingling. If you have lower back pain it can be caused by deteriorated disks in the back which can lead to numbness and tingling of your feet and legs.

A stroke is another disease characterized by numbness. If you have a stroke, one side of your body can turn numb and begin to droop. This can lead to death also.

If you have symptoms of numbness and it continues you may want to see a doctor as soon as possible in case it is caused by a disease characterized by numbness.

By Clarissa Wilson, published at 02/21/2012
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