The Top 5 Cuts For Red Hair
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The Top 5 Cuts For Red Hair

Published at 02/29/2012 18:17:54


The Top 5 Cuts For Red Hair

Red hair color always stands out in a crowd. Growing up, you may have always received compliments on how beautiful the color of your hair was. As a child, worrying about your hair cut was probably not an issue. Growing up with hair red in color gave you a look that not many other people had. With red hair, there are many different cuts and styles that will really give the color a pop and show off your facial features. Whether you have natural red hair or dye your hair a red tone, these top 5 cuts may work great for your color and face shape.


The Top 5 Cuts For Red Hair

Red hair is a very popular color that many choose to dye their hair. If you have natural red hair, this is a trait that you are very lucky to have. Getting a red color out of the box is never quite the same as the natural red. Cutting red hair is much the same as cutting any other color of hair. Hair red colors can pull off different hair cuts than blondes and brunettes can. Give yourself a new look this season and do something diifferent with your beautiful red hair.


The Top 5 Cuts For Red Hair

These top 5 cuts for hair red in color are something that you can try for a great new look. You will want to try hair cuts that will also look good with the shape of your face.


  1. Heart Shaped Face
    If you have a heart shaped face and red hair in color, you can give your hair a new look by getting a short cut with long layers. This whispy look will make your red hair look a little bit messy, while still put together. A short bob is also the perfect option for heart shaped faces.
  2. Round Face
    The trick with a round face and red hair is that you don't want to make your face look any wider than it is. To give your face a longer look with hair red, try a side part or bangs that are swept over to one side of your face. Long hair with layers and volume towards the crown will give your red hair a new style for all occasions.
  3. Oval Face
    The great thing about having hair red and an oval face, is that almost any hair cut and style will look good on you. Many models have oval face shapes. Try cutting your hair into a short pixie cut for funky red hair. Long hair with soft waves will give your red hair a mermaid look.
  4. Pear Face
    A pear shaped face means that your face is wider at the jaw than at the top of your hair. The best haircut for red hair with this face shape is to have a short, layered fringe cut.
  5. Long Face
    Give your red hair an eye catching look with long bangs that hit around your eyebrows. Try a side part and hair that falls to around the bottom of your neck.

Tips and comments

Keep up your red hair color vibrant by using colored shampoo for redheads. This will make the color appear brighter.


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