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The Best Hair Cuts For Round Faces


The woman of today wants to enhance her intellectual look along with beauty. That is how hair stylists enter this area. If you have Moonlike round face then also you can be a star with perfect hair style there are many ways to hide your roundness of face in the fashion industry. Today’s makeup set and hair styles act as a lethal weapon for any problem. If you do not have a round face but still long for the same, you could possess to a certain extent with the help of haircuts! At least it gives you pleasure of having the round face. There is a sea change in the makeover of a woman’s body and hair style as well. I somehow feel round faces look more innocent and hence they look so lovable. The best suitable hair cuts enhance the personality of a woman.


If we are a little bit confused about the style, hair stylist will guide us perfectly. Have you ever had  hair cuts that did you piss off? This is the mistake many of teenagers do these days, blankly following their favorite celebrities without any second thought then look not at all pretty. You must always remember what hair style suits your face the best as face plays pivotal role in the hair cut. If it doesn’t gel well, then you had it! Five basic shapes are there in faces like round, oval, heart shaped and rectangular. Here we will discuss about hair styles for round faces.

Usually a round face has equal bones by length and width. Many women having round faces think that there are no particular hair cuts for them. This is a challenge for a hair stylist to enhance the beauty and the look of round faces. Firstly you need to avoid parting hair at the center. This makes your face only look longer. Shaggy hair cuts helps you in minimizing features. There is pixie haircut that has been the rage among the teenagers.


There could be plenty of styles and hair cuts for those who have long hair. A long layer is the best suitable hair cuts for these as this style enhances the oval shape of your face, softening the roundness of your face. You should never go for perming as they add bulk volume to sides of your head. A side sweeping bang also is the most loved hairstyle for round faces. This falls across one eye a beautiful hair style, you can’t take off eyes!
Today’s woman demands catchy, sharp and intellectual look. It should show the spirit furthering her feminine look.

Tips and comments

We witness lot more happening in technology but the fashion industry is also equally volatile. Go and consult a hair stylist, she will guide you accordingly. Everybody likes to look younger than her age. A perfect hair style helps you in this regard. Lifestyle does not have any age barrier. At any age you could go for style and live life to the fullest that is what the message of style! Be in the forefront with your latest and suitable hair style.

By stephen cunanan, published at 03/26/2012
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The Best Hair Cuts For Round Faces. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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