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The Best Hair Cuts For Oval Faces

Published at 03/26/2012 12:57:36


Those who have oval faces are considered to be lucky as they have a gamut of hair cuts ready for them. Any style suits them in bringing out their personality strongly. Here are some flattering styles of haircuts for oval faces. These oval faced women need not stick to one hair style only they are lucky enough to have a great choice.


Best hair cuts for oval faces are catching up with the industry like wildfire. Not to worry too much about the shape of your face these days. There are defined and designed hair cuts for all shapes of faces. Recently my niece had a hair cut for her oval face. It worked wonders for her. As I saw it enhanced her look she looked gorgeous! I realized it was her hair cut that made all the difference. Different segments satisfy all kinds of customers. There are three basic rules going for any type of haircuts.
Firstly does not follow blindly your favorite celebrities. If you are carrying on with the same hair cuts for the past 5 years, then get a new photo of the hair cut. Bad hair cuts makes you look older at least by ten years. The rule of the thumb is not to follow anybody rather you need to see your texture of hair before deciding. Many teenagers fall prey for straightening curly hair. Instead they could go for curly hair cut that suits their oval faces. Secondly not to grow your hair beyond shoulders without any support as it looks dull. Thirdly go for a hair style that suits your personality. Here are few hair cuts designed for oval faces.


Simple bob cut suits well for oval faces. Bob cut curls also look damn pretty giving blunt look. Another is lob cut that is long bob. It is little long bob cut till above the shoulders. It somehow shortens your oval face making it look good. If you are fond of long curls, then show them off! That is also fine. With long layers your oval face looks pretty and alive. It will not make your face look either long or thin. The topknot is another style suiting oval face. It looks super edgy and chic as won’t elongate your face. A blunt and choppy bob cut has been symbolized for sharp look keeping the long face in check. Short and spiky may make you look at a beautiful mythological character in a style. One more style is centered part and high pony tail. This style is meant to get corporate look.

Tips and comments

The above discussed styles are exclusively meant foe oval faces. Choose any to look great! Fashion and style today is catering into all kinds of customers satisfying them to the fullest. There are plenty of solutions for any kind of faces. Some of these styles bring out ‘the woman of substance’ look on you. Look great and enjoy life by adopting any hair style according to the shape of your face. If you are worried about the length of your face you can hide it conveniently with a style.


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