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How To Find Attractive Short Hair Cuts


Short hair cuts can be just as attractive as longer hair on women. Short hair cuts can not be pulled off by everyone, so it is important that you think about the decision before cutting off a lot of your hair. You can also make sure that you get the perfect hair cut that you are looking for by bringing in a picture of the hair cut to your stylist. Short hair cuts can be found online at specialty hair style and cut websites. You can also find attractive short hair cuts in magazines and in pictures of your favorite celebrities.

Step 1

To start finding attractive short hair cuts, start by going online and opening up a search engine such as Google. On Google, you can browse through Google Images to find pictures of hair cuts and styles. Once on Google, click on the Images tab and type in a search term in to the search box. A good search term to use could be "short hair cuts" and "attractive short hair cuts." This will bring up results of hundreds and thousands of images that match your search terms. Browse through the images to see if you find any short hair cuts that you'd like to have.

Step 2 is a specialty website that offers a free gallery of hair cuts of different lengths. On the left hand menu of this website, you will see links to each length of hair cuts. To find short hair cuts, simply click on the short haircuts links. Browse through the pages of images to find attractive styles that you like. There are also additional categories for short hair such as very short hair cuts and cute short hair cuts.

Step 3

Flip through a magazine and look for celebrities and models that are currently sporting short hair cuts. Celebrities are always changing up their hair and you may just find a style that you love. If you find someone that has a short hair cut that you like, you can search for more images of the style by looking up pictures of them on an online search engine.

Step 4

Not only can you use Google to search through their images database, but you can also use the simple search engine feature to search for attractive short hair cuts. By entering this into the search field, you will get many results with websites that offer free galleries of short hair cuts and styles. Check out several websites to find hair cuts that you love and find attractive.

Step 5

After finding images of short hair cuts that you find attractive, make your decision about what one you'd like to get your hair cut like. Print out the picture or clip it out of your magazine and bring it in to your hair stylist during your appointment. This will make it easier for the stylist to know what look you're going for and the exact length that they should cut your hair. This is much easier than trying to explain a unique hair cut.


Short hair cuts are not for everyone. If you think that you may miss your long hair, try going for a medium length cut first.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/20/2012
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