How To Style Red Hair
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How To Style Red Hair

Published at 02/29/2012 18:20:10


How To Style Red Hair

You can style red hair the same way that you would style blode, brown, black, or any other color hair. The difference between red hair and all other colors, is that red stands out in a crowd. Whether you have natural red hair or red hair out of a box, there are hair styles that will make or break your overall look. Depending on the hair style that you have, your red hair can look chic and trendy or outdated and faded. Keeping up with red hair and managing the color can be work, but by doing so and having a great hair style, your hair will never go unnoticed.

Step 1

The first thing that you should do if you have natural red hair, is to use shampoo that is designed specially for your color. This shampoo will moisturize your lovely locks and make the red appear brighter and healthier. If you have color treated red hair, you should dye your hair about once every four to six weeks. Red hair can fade quickly, so you will want to keep up with the hair dye process to brighten up the hair. A great tip is to not wash your hair every day. By not washing daily, your hair will not fade as quickly and will retain the moisture that it creates, giving your red hair a healthier look at all times.

Step 2

Style red hair according to your face shape. The cut of your hair should compliment the shape of your face, no matter what the color is. Red hair is known to be a little more funky and out there than blonde and brunette, so choppy layers and bangs are a great option. If you have a round face, you may want to go with long layers and side swept bangs. Square faces look great with a medium length bob hair cut. You can find the perfect cut for your red hair by experimenting with different ideas. Remeber, hair grows back.

Step 3

Another way to style red hair is to give it volume. You can give your hair volume by brushing and hair spraying it near the crown. Curling will also give your red hair a unique, luscious style. Try messy beach waves with red hair for a mermaid-esque look. This is the perfect red hair style for the summer months.

Step 4

Style red hair with a sleek and sophisticated look. Straight hair looks good with any color. You can get straight hair by simply blow drying it straight and using a straightening iron. Go over small sections of your hair with the iron to create a completely straight look with your red hair.

Step 5

Accessorize and style red hair with bows and head bands. With red hair, you may not know what color accessories will look best. Depending on the shade of red that your hair is, green, clear, gold, and white are great colors. Pick hair accessories that stand out on your red hair.


How To Style Red Hair

Experiment when you style red hair. You can find the perfect look by trying out new things that you have either thought about or have seen in pictures. If you are unhappy with the results, hair can always be changed.

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