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Cute And Trendy Short Hair Cuts For Teens


For all you teens going for a short hairstyle this summer, we have here a few styles that you could really use to look cute, trendy and sexy. Short hair cuts are seriously way in fashion these days. We will be discussing a few styles, how you could style them and compare the look with the celebrity (if any) that has them. There are more reasons than just fashion for short hair cuts, they are much more easy to manage, less damaging and they really make you look much more mature. Yes, styling short hair can be a pain sometimes especially if you have curly hair but they are still much easier to style than long hair even if there are limited choices of styling.


Now The first style you should be looking to try on is the tousled pixie cut. The short pixie haircut is back in style and is sassy, yet gives you a sweet and innocent look. It works best with slightly wavy hair to give the proper tousle of the style. People were surprised when Vanessa Hudgens gave up her long locks for this style, yet it just made her look more attractive. It’s not really that hard to make either, first you apply some styling mousse to towel dry hair, making sure all the excess water has been removed. Now blow dry your hair starting from the basic roots. This adds volume to your hair giving it a good bounce, Now as you work up to the ends , ditch the comb and use your fingers to curl the end so to give it a proper tousle effect. Now rub some more style paste to make the edges of the tousle even rockier. For more better tousles flip your head upside down and then shake your hair with your fingers. Now once you got the look, seal it using a nice hairspray to keep it that way for the rest of the evening.


Another short hair style you could go for is the one Emma Watson has been carrying around all year. Emma proved that short hair doesn’t have to be dull and boring, in fact it just made the guys more into hair. Her versatile look has been the gossip for quite some time now. She styled hair for the red carpet by gelling it straight back to the forehead and giving it spiking ends for a sexy sophisticated look. This leaves all the attention for your facial features and a chance for eye make up to pop out. Of course that’s not all, with hair cuts as short as that you can even go for a more flirty and fun look. If you just comb your hair by separating the locks from the righter side of the head and giving it a proper spiky yet tousle end, you leave enough attention for your makeup and outfits.

Tips and comments

Another final short hair style that simply screams SEXY is the Medium Bob style. This hairstyle completely frames your face in locks and gives you a very naughty look. SO girls use these tips for short hair cuts and look your very best this summer. Trend in hair cuts also change with the changing fashion scene so make sure you keep yourself abreast of the latest.

By Amara, published at 03/23/2012
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Cute And Trendy Short Hair Cuts For Teens. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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