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The Best Trends For Your Life Style


The perfect life requires a healthy life style. It is the demand of nature that we maintain a suitable and hygienic way of life. A human being is said to have superiority over other creatures due to capabilities and thinking process that makes him unique and discriminates him from other creatures. It is thus, our basic need to work towards creating an appropriate life style that will help achieve ideal body fitness and mental satisfaction. You need to cope with time, take out a few moments daily to stop during your hectic routine, take a deep breath, and start over with a fresh mind. This will not only give you the advantage of functioning in a better state of mind but will also lighten up your mood, hence, creating an amiable environment to work in.

Step 1

While taking charge of your life and bringing about that advantageous change in your life style, the first and foremost would definitely be developing a jolly personality. It might sound odd, but reality itself gives away logic. A good humored man would undeniably live a better life than the one who is depressed. We never notice but every time we laugh, our heartbeat raises, blood circulation throughout the body increases, bringing a natural glow to our faces. Dark, weakened cells are replaced by new and fresh ones. All of our organs function properly ultimately resulting in better living.

Step 2

Furthermore, proper circulation of blood is essential for a better life style. A morning walk plus daily exercise seem to uplift the mental stress from our minds. The fresh unpolluted air in the morning is the best and natural way of cleaning our lungs. Daily exercise seems to stable blood pressure to the required consistency. As all the body parts receive fresh and well oxygenated blood at a faster rate, we surely spend the day in a hyper and active manner; vital to improve our lives.

Step 3

The third and by far the most crucial point to discuss is the food intake. No doubt exercise and personality development are critical to accomplishing better standards of living. Yet, reality defines itself that we are in fact whatever we consume. A well-known fact that balanced diet is the requirement of our body, proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fibers and fats all in specific amounts are indeed a basic body need. In short, we must have fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, beef, pulses and a variety of grains added to our diet. Deficiency of nutrition leads to a lethargic life style which is to be avoided. Proper consumption of well-cooked and healthy nourishment is no doubt an important factor in keeping you physically and mentally active. Still, obesity is to be avoided for it causes even more problems.


God has blessed us with life. There is a purpose behind us living, so we must acquire the best life style in order to justify our being in this world. In fact, it even showcases our gratitude towards our Lord for bringing us to life. Hence, we must work towards attaining positive changes in our life style. Laugh, live, eat and enjoy the time you have. Your life is just yours to keep.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/28/2012
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The Best Trends For Your Life Style. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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