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How To Add Your Web Site To Google

Published at 03/20/2012 16:06:16


Having your own business is not always easy. The first thing that you have to consider is advertising your company. But how much are you willing to invest? It doesn’t matter if your business consists in a website or anything else; the cheapest and easiest way to advertise is with Google. It will not add to Google unless it has been indexed by Googlebot, a search engine robot. A search engine might be explained as a directory of millions of websites, or even more hundreds of millions of individual pages. Search engines databases are created by “internet robots” (which are also known as spiders), being a part of the add to Google process.


Step 1

1. First of all you will need to create a website if you do not already own one. The website must be aired to look pleasing to the eye in order to gain attention from as my possible clients after your add to Google process and it should be free of any grammatical errors. There are many programs you can use to build your website, some are easier to use, some are harder to use but feature more options so you will get the best of your website.

Step 2

2. After you have created your website and checked it for any grammatical errors you will move on to step number two and find website hosting. Here you will upload your files (the site) and you will receive an URL. The URL represents the address for your website. Next step will show you how to add to Google your files.

Step 3

3. Open any browser and search the Internet for Webmaster Tools. This is a tool created by Google to facilitate access to all sites in the database. Here you will need to fill in the URL for your website and write down two Captcha codes in order to prove that you are human (you will probably need to login into your Google account. If you do not have one, create it by using the “Sign Up” button in the upper section). After that, add to Google the database of your site by sending a spider on your site.

Step 4

4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Google that your site has passed the checking and inform you that your website has been added to its database – the actual add to Google process.

Step 5

5. After this all you need to do is search Google for some of the keywords found on the site to see that the add to Google process was successful. This procedure is completely free (except the part where you need to find hosting on the web – if you do not own space you will have to pay for it).


When a spider visits your website, you can say that it was indexed (this means that several keywords from your site will be shown on the search engine when someone searches for them). But how do you add to Google a website? You can add to Google a website in five easy steps which I will explain to you in the following paragraphs.


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