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How To Start a Group At My Google Groups


My Google Groups is a service from Google Inc. Google groups support discussion groups, including many Usenet news groups, based on common interests. The service originally started in 1995 by the name of Deja news but then Google bought it was renamed Google groups in February 2001. Membership in My Google groups is free of charge. Users can find many groups according to their interests and participate in threaded conversations usually through an Email address. Users can also start new groups.

Step 1

Google provides two distinct kinds of groups, the traditional Usenet groups and the non-Usenet groups that are similar to mailing lists. The second type is accessible only by the web. Both types of groups are referred as my google groups.

Step 2

Starting a new group at My Google Groups is a very easy task. First, the user needs to have a Google account, and once the account is logged in go to my Google groups and click on the ‘Create New Group' button. The group can be on any topic, like our school reunion, our favorite sports or anything we like to discuss. Once the group is created, you can invite people to join the group.

Step 3

The members have an option to either get group posts by email or by reading the discussions online. There is an option in which you can make the discussion public. So that anyone can read it, but only the members can participate in the discussion. We can also make the discussion private so that only group members can see it.

Step 4

Once the My Google Group is made, we can customize the graphics including the color and the style of the page. It is a unique page that only the owner has to handle and make changes to, but the members can upload pictures that they want to share with other members and also files and documents are uploaded for fellow members. These might be the schedules, work documents, sample itineraries or any other file related to the group.

Step 5

Once a member asks to join the My Google Group, the owner asks him to create a profile which includes his name, personal information, the place where he lives, his recent photo and other backgrounds. So that all the members can recognize him or in case the member is unknown to the rest of the members, his profile will help others to get to know him better. It’s an effective way in which the members get to know each other.


The creator of the My Google Group has all the powers and the responsibility to govern his group. In some cases people spam and use abusive language while in conversation, it’s the group owner’s responsibility to remove such members immediately. The creator also has to moderate the discussion.


Once the My Google Group is made and the members have joined, there is nothing much left to do for you but sit back and moderate. You can also participate in conversations with the fellow group members about your interests and the group related topics. You can also take requests from other group members for new suggestions for making your group more popular.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/07/2012
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