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How Can Management Affect a Person's Medical Health


Management medical care scenario control is a collaborative process that allows suggested treatment programs to guarantee the appropriate health care is offered to incapable, ill or seriously injured individuals. It is the management of medical care services that are appropriate that will affect a person medical health.


Anger Management is a management medical condition that if poorly managed affects a person health and quality of life. Unmanaged anger can prevent wounds from healing or heal slower. In a study where a researcher gave blisters to 98 individuals, those with anger issues healed slower and also produced a stress hormone. Anger management is also important in children who showed anger had personal relationship problems and health problems in general.


Thyroid disease is a management medical condition that can affect your mood. Unmanaged it can cause depression and anxiety. An over active thyroid can cause nervousness or restlessness while an under active thyroid can cause fatigue and depression. Properly manage with the appropriate treatment will help to balance moods. Environmental factors affect a person's medical health in both positive and negative ways. It may be tempting to avoid environmental factors since they seem to be out of our control. But, there are some management medical of environmental factors that we can control for our health. You should avoid excess noise and get plenty of fresh air, water and sunshine on a daily basis. Getting plenty of exercise, rest and sleep is also important. It will help to reduce stress and tension. In return your body will become stronger, your metabolism will improve, and you will have increase muscles and strength and a better cardiovascular system.

Psychological health affects a person's medical health and is able to be determined by management medical personnel by the person self-esteem along with their activity that is productive and interpersonal skills that are effective. Interpersonal skills let people know what you need such as when a baby cries to let the mother know it is hungry. As a person grows these skills become much more complex. Drug abuse and addiction can affect a person’s medical health. Drugs have a negative effect for both the person, those around him and for society as a whole. Management medical techniques are usually unsuccessful and emphasize is placed on the person’s strength to quit abusing drugs. Quitting is hard since the abuse drug alters the brain that encourages the use of more drugs. As the person abuses the drug the brain adapts to the surges of dopamine by producing less. This decrease makes the person desire more. The most successful drug addiction treatments involve the combination of medication and behavioral lessons.

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The reason why some become addicts and other do not is not easy to predict. Factors include a person’s environment, age and biology. Environment factors include peer pressure, family and friends along with physical abuse, stress and the quality of parenting. Age also matters such as the younger a person takes drugs the more likely they will become addicted.

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