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the Best Brand Of "13.3"" Laptop"


The 13.3 inch laptop is most suitable type for private use, while it's size and weight make it easy to carry around. It's screen size is just right to watch movies and do social networking. There have been many good 13 inch laptops this year, From the HP Folio 13 to the new Samsung 9 series, there's plenty of 13 inch goodness to go around.

The best brand of laptops this year is the new Macbook Air. It's cheaper then the new Samsung 9 Series and faster, better looking and has received almost universally positive praise by critics. So buckle in for a short review of the two best 13 inch laptops out there today.

Macbook Air

The new line of Macbook Airs have undergone a complete renovation. New processors, new parts, and even a new OS (operating system). It still looks as knife thin as ever but now it's a serious laptop, instead just a $1,400 fashion ornament. The laptop has been fitted with a new i5core Intel processor (1.7 Ghz), along with it's inbuilt Intel HD300 graphics card it has a 4 GB Ram (DDR3), and a 128 GB SSD hard-drive. The most welcome addition though is the inclusion of a back-lit keyboard, a feature previously missing from the range.

The final and perhaps most important addition is of course Apple's new computer operating system, Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. The new operating system works flawlessly on the Macbook Air, the new OS is strikingly similar to the iPhone's iOS system as a result iPhone users will feel right at home and adjust very quickly to the Lion.

Another great feature is the battery life, it can last for nearly six to seven hours on average use. Stuff like surfing the web, checking mail and listening to music barely has affects the battery at all, while playing games or watching movies can drain the battery after about 5 hours.

So all in all, the Macbook Air 2011 one of the best 13.3 inch sized laptop out there.

Samsung 9 Series

The PC worlds direct answer to the Macbook Air is the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook, though it's almost identical specs wise, it commands a higher price of $1,699 for the base model, so unless you have a lot of money to blow this might not be the laptop for you. However, It does look absolutely sublime, it is also capable of playing Window's much larger library of A list games compared to the Macbook's smaller library.

Although it does look wonderfully thin and stunning when closed, once opened it looks like a complete copy of the old Black Macbook from 2006. So if you must have a Windows PC and and are willing to pay a very high price for it, then perhaps the Series 9 13.3 inch laptop just might be your cup of tea.

As for battery life, speed, graphical performance, and weight, it's virtually identical to the Macbook Air. Though the track pad is a bit finicky. But it is the second best 13.3 inch best brand laptop out there.


So there you have it, a face off between the two best brands of 13.3 inch laptop on the market today. Ultimately the choice between these two seems to fall between company preference, if you need a PC window because of work or studies, then you're better of with the Series 9, if you have no OS restrictions then the slightly cheaper and just as fast Macbook Air is a more suitable option.

By Mohseen Lala, published at 02/28/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
the Best Brand Of "13.3"" Laptop". 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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