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Best Type Of Baby Monitor For a New Mom


Owning a baby monitor will give new parents a more comfortable peace of mind because you are able to go on about your housework while your baby is sleeping. Most monitors are considered to be an excellent tool and a real blessing, however some parents may complain about having a type of audio interference in the radio and batteries that die much more sooner than they were expected to.

When selecting a baby monitor you should always look for one that has your specific needs in mind. You must decide if you want just an audio baby monitor or do you need both an audio and a video baby monitor. Also, do you need one that will link up to your computer and iPad or iPhone or do you just want a basic model. You also need to decide how much money that you will want to spend as the range in price varies on all baby items, monitors included.




The purpose of owning a baby monitor is to transmit any type of recognizable sounds and or videos into the screen for the parent to see or hear. The challenge with this is to find a baby monitor that will work and has no static, interference or buzzing noises. The video monitor may have a bad or fuzzy reception. It may even have odd images show up on the screen! These may be images of someone else's home even!

Sometimes audio or video interference can appear many different ways, including listening into the truck drivers conversations or even someone who is living in the same apartment as you are! This can make a parent nervous and may get scared when they hear a odd voice coming through the baby monitor.

All in all, a baby monitor is an excellent tool to have with bad reception being the main complaint from most parents! When looking for the baby monitor that fits your needs, be sure to select and choose carefully.



There are two basic types of baby monitors. There are some that are only audio and some that are both video/audio. Some baby monitorsare only analog, while others are digital. No matter the type, all of the babymonitors operate the same,within a selected radio frequency wave that will send thesound or image fromthe baby's room to a receiver that is placedin another room. All monitors should come with the child unit and at least 1 or more receiver.

The price of baby monitors can range anywhere from $40.00 up to $500.00. Some may have night vision and a option of a power saving mode. Depending on what type of features that you are looking for, there is a baby monitor for all types of needs!

If you prefer a monitor that that has sounds and lights both the Avent (by Phillips) was ranked number one by many mommy magazines and sells for around $129.95. There are also many upscale baby monitors that now can connect to your computer or iPad/iPhone so you are able tom work on your computer and watch you peaceful baby sleeping at the same time!

Tips and comments

You should always shop around and find the best baby monitor for the price. Check return policies on the baby monitor and make sure if you were to have any issues that you may return it.

By Jessica ., published at 02/28/2012
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Best Type Of Baby Monitor For a New Mom. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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