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Which Scanner Uses a Barcode


A scanner barcode is an optical machine that represents data by varying the parallel lines and its width and spacing. It is a readable optical machine that can represent data by scanning. As it can read too many bar codes that stands on a parallel lines with different width and different spaces, it known as a scanner barcode.

It is like a symbolic one-dimensional (1D) or linear readable optical machine. Some of them also have two-dimensional (2D) sensors which also use for symbolic verification. Some of them also can read dots and geometrical means like hexagons, rectangles etc. These special optical scanners are known as scanner barcode or barcode reader.


On October 7, 1952, the first bar code product issued. The inventor was Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver. The Bernard silver and Woodland bar code was a “bull’s eye” symbol. Bernard silver was a student at Drexel Institute of Technology. It was situate in Philadelphia and he was a graduate student there. He was researching about automatically reading product and the method of this research asked by Drexel Institute. By the research he joined Joseph Woodland who was a fellow graduate student and they worked together on the method. Both graduate students worked together and came to a solution and their result came true in 1952 with the issued bar code product. Their first thought was using an ultra violet light or ultra violet light-sensitive ink. The thought mainly came from Woodland’s mind.

In 1966, bar code was using commercially for the first time and so the scanner barcode. A company named Logicon Inc, wrote Universal Grocery Products Identification Code (UGPIC) in 1970 and soon some short of industries start using the code reader or the scanner barcode. One American company named Monarch was the first user company to produce bar code for trade use using the UGPIC in 1970. And the symbol set or Universal Product Code is still using in United States. Uniform Product Code invented by George J. Lauer in 1973. The code known as U.P.C. Approximately in June of 1974, U.P.C barcode scanner installed in Troy at a supermarket named Marsh’s supermarket.


Label railroad cars are the first use of scanner barcode. Their first use was not commercially successful. But after the automate supermarket checkout system, they get their commercial success. The automate supermarket checkout system was like a task for them and when they completed the task, the product almost goes universal. Their spreading uses over the world make the world surprise.

Tips and comments

In present days the updated and large market of scanner barcode extended over the world and in every place like markets, shopping malls even small shops you can see the major use of scanner barcode. A different type of scanner barcode is also available in market like usb, handheld, wireless, portable, industrial, Bluetooth and many more. Some top rated scanners models are ID tech scan, symbol L S2208, symbol L S4208, metrologic M S7120. They are well known for their large sell number.

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