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How To Use An All in One Printer Fax Scanner


An all in one printer fax scanner is a great solution for all of your office technology needs. There is no reason to have one device for each one of these features, when you can simply have an all in one product that does it all and more. Not only will this product save you space in your home, but it is also very simple to install and start using. All you will need to get started is a computer, your new all in one printer fax scanner, and an available wall outlet.

Step 1

Start by connecting the all in one printer fax scanner to your computer. This can be done by inserting the cord into the correct slot on the printer and the other end will plug into your computer. Then plug in the power cord to your available wall outlet spot. Inser the installation disc into the computer and follow the step by step prompts, which will instruct you with what to do next. Do not exit out or shut off your computer while the printer fax scanner installation is still running. Once complete, you can begin to test and use this great new device.

Step 2

You can now begin to print from your all in one printer fax scanner. Open up a document that you would like to print and click the print button. Select your preferences for the print page, such as the number of copies, color, and page format. Make sure that your new all in one printer is selected as the default print device. If it is not selected, it will not print. Click to print and watch it at work. You can do this for any document that you would like to print from your computer or online.

Step 3

If you'd like to print a photograph, insert high quality photo paper into your all in one printer fax scanner. You can then open up the picture that you're interested in printing, along with the software that came with your printer. This software should allow you to select photo printing and pick the type of paper and paper size that you will be using to print your photograph. Click print and your photos will start printing.

Step 4

To scan with the printer fax scanner, just insert the document or photo into the scanner bed and close the lid. If there is a button on your all in one printer that says scan, click on that. Otherwise, open the software on your computer that came with the printer. This should also have a scan option, where you can preview your scan and click to begin the scan process. Once your file scans, you can save it to your computer and view it on there whenever you please. Scanning is a great way to post photos online and send others information instead of mailing it.

Step 5

Faxing with the all in one printer fax scanner is simple. If you have a dedicated phone line to fax from, plug the printer into the phone jack. Now you can insert the document into the scanner bed that you would like to fax. Click on the fax button that is located on the printer and enter in the phone number. Click enter for your document to begin faxing. Do not cancel in the middle of a fax, as it may take some time to go through.


Purchase an all in one printer fax scanner that has good reviews and all of the features that you're interested in having. Some popular brands included Canon, Kodak, Epson, and HP.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 02/22/2012
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