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How To Set Up An All in One Scanner Fax Copier


An all-in-one scanner/fax/copier is otherwise known as a multifunction device. A multifunction device has combined all the functionality of all these three devices into one. The main advantage of using a scanner/fax/copier is that they help to save precious space in an office setup. A scanner, fax, copier multifunction device is much cheaper than buying all the three devices separately.

Step 1

Setting up a scanner fax copier machine is a simple task. First, remove the multifunction device from the box. Make sure that all the wires, accessories and CDs mentioned in the manual are present inside the box.

Step 2

Once you have made sure that all the items mentioned in the manual is present, take everything out, and remove the packing.

Step 3

Take the power cord and hook it up to the scanner fax copier and to a working power outlet. Secondly, take the USB cord or any similar cord that has come along with the device and connect it to the computer.

Step 4

All the modern scanner, fax, copier comes with an USB cord. Then make sure that you plug one end of this cord to the scanner fax copier and another end to a USB port behind your computer.

Step 5

Switch on your computer and once booting is over, and when you reach the desktop screen, put the installation CD of the scanner fax copier into the CD drive.


Wait for the installation CD to load. The screen will show a panel instructing you to select options for installing the scanner fax copier. Follow these instructions until the installation is complete. This may take 10 to 15 min. Make sure that the scanner fax copier is switched on while performing the installation.

Now you can start testing if the scanner fax copier devise is working properly. To print, select the print option from any software like Microsoft Word or Photoshop. Make sure that you have selected the new scanner fax copier, as your default machine while giving the print command. When the print command is given the printing will start taking place. To scan a document, simply lift the scanner lid and place a photo face down on the scanning bed. Click the scan button, and it will start scanning the digital copy,and the scanned copy will be seen on the screen. Pressing the copier button will start the copy process and a duplicate copy of the sample placed on the scanner bed will be printed out.

If all the three aforementioned functions of the machine have taken place without any problem, then you have installed the scanner fax copier machine correctly. Safely keep the installation CD in a good place, because you might require it in the future for installing the scanner fax copier again.

By samque, published at 03/25/2012
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How To Set Up An All in One Scanner Fax Copier. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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