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How To Set Up a Printer Scanner Fax Copier


Setting up your printer can be a tough job, especially if you do not have any prior technical knowledge. Especially when your machine is multifunctional printer scanner fax copier machine. This needs to be handled with care and proper guidance. Wireless printers are also one of the toughest ones to set up. The main thing about setting up a printer scanner fax copier machine is the multifunctional capability attached with it.

There is a whole process for installing your printer scanner fax copier machine. The manual has to be kept in hand for any kind of troubleshooting while installing the printer scanner fax copier machine. The basic steps to for set up are as follows:

Step 1

The first step is taking out the printer and assembling it properly. Your printer scanner fax copier will include many things that need to be assembled; this task could be complex. Taking out all the parts from the box and arranging it on a paper tray is the best idea.

Step 2

After assembling your printer scanner fax copier machine, you need to install the drivers that came with the product, for the machine to work properly. Multifunctional drivers sometime have issues detecting the proper ports in a computer. Detection problem may be sorted out by installing the software CD, prior to switching on the printer scanner fax copier machine. The power supply should also be checked if there is a problem with the printer receiving power.

Step 3

After setting up the drivers, you now need to install it on your computer. There is a proper wizard support in your “Control Panel” section for setting up any new connection for printer scanner fax copier machine. It is present in all OS.

Step 4

Open the Control Panel and choose “Printers and Faxes” and then, choose the “Add Printer” option. Automatic detection and installation is advised in this case. Scanner and fax setup needs to be done in a different setup wizard. Copier setting gets adjusted with scanner properties. Finishing the instructions completely is advised.

Step 5

The next step is to check all the connected devices and working conditions. Your printer scanner fax copier is ready to use and the scanning should be completed first followed by the copier and then printing. Test prints are the best way to check and set the printing quality of your printer. Since, it is a multifunctional device, there will be some problems in the initial stage but with a proper arrangement, there will be no issues in continuance working of your printer scanner fax copier machine.


The final step is to look after the maintenance of the machine. Any electronic device needs care and proper management. Right from protecting it from dust and external damages, to have it checked at regular intervals. This is the final step as well as customer end support is also a valid assistance in this step. After a sale product, assistance lays with the company.

additional tip

Service centers of almost all manufacturing companies are available just a phone call away. You may call for support and any issues regarding your multifunctional machine with authentication. These machines are also available on internet at a reasonable price.

By AJ, published at 03/28/2012
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