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How To Use Scanner Flatbed


A flatbed scanner is what you can use to scan photographs and documents on to your computer. A flatbed scanner is typically used in businesses and for home use. Do you have an old photograph that you'd just love to show to others on your social networking site? Or do you need to email a document that you have rather than mailing it? Whatever the reason, a flatbed scanner is the perfect solution. You can get a flatbed scanner with an all in one printer device, or you can buy the scanner seperately. There are many brands that make flatbed scanners, such as HP and Epson.

Step 1

First, you will need to purchase a flatbed scanner that you will be using if you do not have one already. You can buy a scanner at any office supply or electronics store in your area. Best Buy and Staples are two well known retailers that carry these types of products If you do not have one of these stores near you, you can also purchase your flatbed scanner online at websites such as and

Step 2

Choose the type of flatbed scanner that you would like to buy. An all in one printer device will also include a flatbed scanner. This is a great option if you are in need of serveral products, but only want to take up the room in your home or office for one device. An all in one printer comes with a printing option, scanner, fax machine, and copying ability. If you do not need all of these features, you can simply buy a seperate flatbed scanner product. This will function as just a scanner and will meet all of your scanning needs.

Step 3

There are also many different manufacturers that specialize in flatbed scanners. Some of the most well known brands include Epson, HP, Kodak, Dell, and Canon. The best way to choose your brand is to read online reviews of their products. If you have seen a flatbed scanner by a specific brand that you may be interested in, look up the scanner model online to check out user reviews. These reviews will tell you the pros and cons of owning the product and if it works properly.

Step 4

Hook your flatbed scanner up to your computer and insert the insallation disc. The flatbed scanner should be plugged in to a power outlet, as well as plugged into the back of your computer. When running the installation disc, follow the on screen directions. This will install the necessary drivers and helpful software that you can use to scan documents on to your compuer with ease.

Step 5

Once your flatbed scanner is hooked up, open up the flatbed lid and insert your document or photo, face down, on to the scanner. Close the lid and begin the scan by clicking on the scan button. Your document should then scan right on to your home in high resolution and can be saved to your desktop, documents, or the area of your choosing.


Use your flatbed scanner to scan old photos on to your computer to store in case you ever lose the photographs.

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