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How To Get Free Treatment For a Mental Disorder


There are many different types of mental disorders. From depression to Bipolar disorder, if you have it you definitely need treatment to live a somewhat normal life. However, with the cost of seeing a doctor now days and most people without health insurance, it is hard to get the treatment we need. If those of us with a disorder mental don't get the treatment we need, we would have to suffer through it. Why suffer through it when there are ways around the system to get free treatment for disorder mental?

Step 1

Sign up for Social Security Income. Even if you don't want it or you don't think you can get it, your best chance at getting free treatment for disorder mental is to apply for it. If you do get it you will get benefits and a monthly check. The check will not be much but it will help and the medical benefits will help you get the treatment you need without having to pay for it. You won't get it right away and you will have to fight them for it but once you apply, you can then go to other places for the help you need for the treatment of disorder mental.

Step 2

Sign up at your local welfare office for medical help. They have a service for people who need help with medical treatment whether it is a physical problem or a disorder mental. You will need to take your papers you got when you applied for SSI to prove you have applied for it. Once you do that, they will sign you up for medical benefits to help with your treatment until you get approved for SSI. If you get denied for SSI, reapply or you will lose your medical benefits. Then your free treatment for your disorder mental will end and you will be back to square one.

Step 3

While you are waiting for your medical benefits to be approved through your local welfare center, you can also go to a disorder mental treatment center for free help. They have to give you free treatment until you get your medical benefits from the welfare center. As long as you have a low income they will help you get disorder mental treatment.

Step 4

Once you visit a disorder mental doctor and they approve you for free treatment, they will will give you free samples of the medications you need for your disorder mental. If they don't have any free samples or only have some free samples, they will send you to a pharmacy where you can get cheap medications for your disorder mental.

Step 5

Once you get approved for SSI, you will have full medical benefits for the disorder mental treatment you need. You will also have full benefits for the medications you need. Take advantage of all of these benefits and you will have the treatment you need for your disorder mental with the full medical benefits and the extra money every month.


Don't be afraid to apply for anything and everything to get the help you need.

By Clarissa Wilson, published at 03/07/2012
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