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Five Types Of Osteoporosis Diseases


Osteoporosis diseases are a kind of disease that affects the bones and makes them to be very fragile such that it can break whenever there is a minor injury. It is referred to as the silent disease because it has no symptoms. This kind of disease occurs when there is lack of minerals in the body like calcium and that the body has no capacity of replacing them as soon as they are lost. Due to lack of this important component (minerals) in the body, the bones start to be thin, delicate and flimsy. When the bone becomes less thick then in the case of a minor accident the bones are likely to break.

The commonly affected bones include the ribs, spine, pelvis, hip, upper arm and the wrist. When the osteoporosis diseases affect one, it can change the posture, causes weakness of the muscles, height loss and even deformity. It can also lead to dependence on others, disability, chronic pain and also premature death.

The Risk Factors

Women are more prone to the osteoporosis diseases than men. This is because as they age, they lose the hormone Oestrogen which very vital in the maintenance of healthy bones. During menopause, the Oestrogen level in women decline gradually thus causing the bones to lose minerals like calcium very first.

For men, they lose bones when they get old, though it is not gradual like the case of women. Other factors like lack of enough calcium in the body and lack of vitamin D can cause bone loss in men especially as they age. However, as much as the rate at which men suffer the osteoporosis is very low, when they get it and suffer a minor accident their chances of survival are minimal. The can also be disabled instantly.

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Because the osteoporosis diseases are a disease of the bones, it is very important to ensure that one takes minerals that boost the strength and thickness of the bone. Some of the easiest ways to ensure that there is enough minerals in the body are by eating things that are rich in calcium e.g. milk. Regular consumption of milk ensures that there is regular supply of the calcium mineral in the body thus strengthening the bones.

Basking in the sun is also very important in the bone strengthening process. The sun contains vitamin D which adds calcium to the body. Doing a lot of exercises also boosts the bone strength and its flexibility such that it becomes hard for it to break.

Osteoporosis Medication

In the case where has been found with Osteoporosis diseases, they need to go for medication as soon as possible. In this case, medicine can be used to cure or also to prevent the disease from having effect or from occurring. Some of the medicine prescribed are used to prevent the rate of bone loss and enhances their thickness thus preventing breakage.

Therefore, when prescribed for medication it is very important that it is not ignored at any given point so as to prevent chances of osteoporosis related accidents.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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