About the Risks Of High Levels Of Homosystene
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About the Risks Of High Levels Of Homosystene

Published at 04/05/2012 12:14:40


About the Risks Of High Levels Of Homosystene

Homosystene is a condition that affects many people worldwide. It happens when a normal breakdown product of the essential amino acid methionine, is believed to exert several toxic effects to the body. This eventually can cause heart diseases depending on other known factors like cholestrerol and hypertension.Everybody  should look for any signs of this condition to avoid acute attack when it is in it late stages.However cardiologists says that the real cause of heart attack can be something else and not really Homosystene. Fortunately, homosystene levels can easily be reduced with safe and inexpensive supplements.The condition is causing high risks among the population and several medical check ups will be very crucial


The high level of homosystene was first researched in by Wollaston. He isolated cysteine from a human bladder stone in early 1810.This was to try to get in-depth information of the many diseases associated with homocysterine

The research shows that the linkage between basic science and clinical research has characterized the field of sulfur amino acid metabolism since 1810, when Wollaston isolated cystine from a human bladder stone. A group of patients who developed first symptoms were screened and examined to know the cause of many diseases that were believed to be caused by homosystene.Since then doctors have come with many ways to treat it.


Homosystene causes blood clot in the body veins and other opening areas with its severe cases making children to develop a retarded growth. This happens when one of the diseases with which it is associated, appears

Since the high levels of homosystene is associated with heart attacks, body develop blood shortage in supply

There is bone loss in patients with high level of homosystene thus making bones to fracture easily .The bones become weak.This is caused by the way the amino acid hinders the bones from absorbing calcium and other minerals. When the bones are rendered weak, patients become very weak and emaciated

Eyes disorder are another possible sign or symptoms that elevates from homosystene,Retina is affected by high levels of amino acids which makes one to lose vision. The damage can be severe it affects the eyes

Expectant woments can also experience premature births or miscarriage when they have high levels of homocysteine.The homocysteine causes damage the womb making the pregnancy to be terminated by the medics or the condition can cause loss of pregnancy

Tips and comments

The high levels of homosystene can cause discomfort to the patient due to the cardiovascular diseases it causes. Make sure when you feels discomforts with your nerves you seek medical advice as early as possible. Visiting hospital early makes the medical practioner to diagnose any side effects that may have shown. Avoid smoking cigarette as this is one of the many believed ways of increasing high levels of homocysteine.Take you breakfast free of coffe.coffe consumption increases level s of homosystene and with time you may develop complications


Reading many researched journals and books of knowledge helps one get in-depth information about the risks and how they can treat high levels of homosystene

Engage in group support and meeting where you can talk about the risks that comes with high levels of homocysteine

You can visit many websites that has more on the cardiovascular diseases and riska and treat ment od homocysteine like testcountry.org


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