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Top 5 Fan Apparel Items

Published at 02/16/2012 20:07:32


If you really want to show your support for a favorite sports team, there is nothing like wearing the right fan apparel. Any die-hard football or basketball fan will tell you, their most prized piece of apparel is the one sporting the name of their favorite team. That is what makes buying gifts for sports fan so easy, all you have to do is go out and find fan apparel supporting their favorite team and look like gold in their eyes. If you are having trouble deciding what is the best fan apparel, these tips are sure to make you a superstar in the eyes of any sports fan.

Step 1

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are not just for baseball fans anymore. Now all types of teams from baseball, to football and even pool leagues have their own logos printed on baseball caps today. This makes it one of the most popular fan apparel items anywhere. Sports fans can wear the caps all year long, supporting their favorite teams in and out of season, making it the easiest choice in gift giving.

Step 2


Another popular fan apparel is the classic t-shirt. Just like the baseball caps, these are worn all year long and a staple in most fan’s wardrobe. The nice thing about t-shirts is that they come in all kinds of styles, colors, and designs, so a fan can have a dozen different ones to choose from. If you are in a bind as to what fan apparel to give as a gift, a t-shirt is a winner that will last all year long.

Step 3


True fans love to wear their favorite player’s jersey in support of their team. This is a coveted fan apparel that many will only wear during game season and treat as a prized possession. The most popular are football jerseys with the number and name of a star player on the back, but basketball fans also get to enjoy this prized possession.

Step 4


Football is currently the king of the fan sweatshirt enterprise. That is because it is a sport played in the cooler months, so fans can show their support and keep warm at the same time. As far as fan apparel goes, sweatshirts are a must have to make sure everyone knows where you stand come football season.

Step 5

Winter Wear

It does not matter what time of year your favorite sport is played, winter wear is for all. Baseball, basketball, and football franchises have their own line of coats, hats, and scarves for their fans to wear whether the sport is in season or not. No true die-hard sport fan is without at least one winter fan apparel, even if they only wear it to the games.


If it seems like your sports fan has every kind of apparel made and you are at a loss as what to give, consider other gift items.

Look for coffee mugs, home decor likes clocks, glasses and even novelty items are all welcome by true sports fans to display around the home or use in the office.


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