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How To Take Care Of Oily Skin


One thing that each and every one of us would agree is that the skin of a human body is delicate and sensitive. Proper care of the skin not only uplifts the personality but also makes you the center of attraction. Oily skin is not only hard to maintain, but it can also be agonizing to a person. To skin, excessive oil is the beginning of a lot of hard work and drop in socializing. Also, the side effects to skin with excessive oil are immense. 

Step 1

Historically, people used to believe that excessive oil to skin was equivalent to cancer and it was a sign of dying skin. The concept disappeared as the modern science progressed and the real facts and findings proved that it is neither a cancer nor divine intervention.

Step 2

Now an interesting question arises and needs to be answered. How to take care of oily skin? Also how to turn oily skin from boring and dull to skin that glows and shines. First thing first, if you are suffering from oily skin, try to go for organic treatments that are not expensive and can be done at home with ease.

Step 3

The most tried and tested solution is the use of lemon in washing face. Just use a little bit of lemon juice, mix it with waters or soap and apply it on skin. This is another organic remedy that helps oily skin. It also adds a fresh feeling to the skin.

Step 4

Now suppose these basic homemade solutions do not work and you are still suffering from oily skin then go for cosmetics. The oil free face wash is a must for oily skin and should be used on regular basis. Special facials that revitalize the skin are also a good option.

Step 5

Oily skin doesn’t cause much damage and at max the outcome can be acne. Don’t take to the head, just start the remedy and be punctual in that.


Make sure you visit your local dermatologist. 

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/05/2012
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