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How To Get Flawless Skin

Published at 03/23/2012 21:02:38


The preparation of a flawless skin depends on a gentle cleanser. No matter what your skin type is, it may be dry or oily or your age, as long as your skin is normal, have no skin disease or severe acne which needs medical attention from a dermatologist instead of beauty tips. However, if you overdo with your cleanser it may harm your protective sebum layer over the skin. You should not scrub your skin more than once a week. Frequent exfoliation make your skin dry and make pores clogged. You can visit spa once a month. There are many natural ways that can enrich your how to skin is made flawless guide instructions.

Step 1

A balanced diet is essential for a smooth flawless skin. Eat a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, cereals, whole grains, fatty fishes, lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Your how to skin is made flawless instructions on diet chart should also include foods having properties to improve skin like blueberries, blackberries, plums, strawberries, salmon, flax seeds, walnuts and, canola oil and extra-virgin olive oil.

Step 2

Have a healthy life style with adequate exercise and sleep. Avoid fried and oily foods. Drink fruit juices and lot of water. Water helps to cleanse the toxic elements from our body. Overuse of cosmetic makes the skin dull. Avoid cosmetics. Check the ingredients and select products with lesser chemicals. Choose the product as per type of your skin, oily, natural, dry, and more. Always have sun screen protection especially for facial use, they are less oily and do not cause breakouts. Stress is harmful for our mind, body and skin also. It makes puffy or dark circles around your eyes. Learn stress management techniques through meditation, yoga, reiki, and more.

Step 3

Papaya paste is very useful for a flawless glowing skin massage your face with papaya paste at least once a month. Mix few drops of lemon with honey and massage the mixture over your face for few minutes will cleanse your skin very well. If you have a dry skin, massage curd over your face, a good alternative of bleaching. If you have oily skins avoid curd. 

Step 4

Always wash your face when you come back home after traveling. If you have acne or pimples take bath in neem water regularly.

Step 5

Cucumber juice is an excellent remedy for dark spots on your face.
Take a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric powder.
Sandal wood mixed with turmeric powder and milk is good for flawless skin.

Tips and comments

If you add this on your how to skin is made flawless instruction guide you can save a lot time and money on beauty treatments. Follow these tips and teach others how to skin is made perfect.


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