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Skin Care Tips For Looking Great in Any Light

Published at 04/02/2012 20:27:11


Correct make up depends on the light you are in. If your make up games with the light you are beautiful. If the reverse happens you are a clown. Light is the main determining factor to look you good with makeup. There are few principles on light skin relationship that dictates the effectiveness of a makeup under a certain lighting condition.

Most of the office buildings are flooded fluorescent lights with blue shades which make colors look sharp. Use natural colors with neutral shade. Most homes have incandescent bulbs with reddish yellow tone. These lights create color softening images and help to hide minor skin defects. If you want to look perfect at home light, use a slight bolder and brighter make up. Most restaurants are softly lit. consider applying bold contrast colors in the evening. Neutral or pale color will give you a look of washed out. This make up is also excellent for late night parties.

Step 1

When you are in softer light, use make up with shinier, glossier finish. Always remember glossy surfaces reflect light, build your light skin relationship on that premises. Light colors get enlarged and reflect more easily. Dark colors are just reverse. They get minimized and concentrated. A make up with matte and dark surface needs more light than a shiny and light surface. So to make a better light skin relationship use matte and bold makeup where there are abundant lights.

The most essential part of a skin care tip is, never overdo it, less is more. Simply give your skin the right care it really needs. The main purpose of a cleanser is to clear up the excess oil and dirt from your skin. However, there are many cleansers in addition to cleansing your skin badly affect your skin. Bars soaps are good cleansers but they just clean the dirt. Liquid cleansers are fine, come with various tolerability and quality, suitable for most skins other than excessive oily ones. Choose something that games your skin.

Moisturizers keep your skin in a constant healthy tone under all conditions of lighting. Skins are light sensitive, its appeal is greatly influenced by light. It saves your skin from dryness, cracks and flakiness. A good moisturizer has good proportion of essential nutrients that our skins need to maintain own structure. A good moisturizer must include the following ingredients like, Niacinamide, Hydroxy Acids, Ceramides and Glycerol. Niacinamide helps to produce oil in the skin, Hydroxy Acids removes the dead cells from our skin, Ceramides nourishes the oil in our skin and Glycerol maintain the water and nutrient levels in our skin.

Our skin gets damaged by the combined effect of UVA and UVB emitted through the sunrays. The people who expose themselves too much in sun, report of visible sign of aging and wrinkles on the skin due to the exposure to the UV of sun rays.. The serious complication like skin cancer is not uncommon among regular beach tanners. Always use sunscreen whether you are directly or indirectly under the sun.

Tips and Comments

No matter what your age may be, the best way to keep your skin in a healthful glow is, follow a healthy lifestyle, have balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and have adequate exercise and sleep.


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