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How To Use Google Scholar


Google Scholar is a bibliographic record that is intended to locate abstracts and complete text articles published on different subjects. It is a fantastic service to its users giving them access to the most current research piece of writing published in diverse great impact peer reviewed periodicals. It also assists many students to finish their post graduate essays and dissertation. Google Scholar has aimed to persuasively deal with all types of subjects and formats. All research papers can be viewed in various formats such as HTML, PDF and many more.

Google Scholar composition is very alike to the other large databases in the Internet. It is through this effort that has enabled a wide range of scholarly documents accessible to the general masses. Through this means of distributing the work of scholarly people, Google is providing way for the growth of further advancement in the field of Science and technology.

Step 1

First, ensure that you set your preferences by Clicking on Scholar preferences to the right of the search box. By doing this you are able to set the language of your preference together with the library where you wish to find the book or journal. The preference of the library box allows you to select up to three libraries.

Step 2

Go to the home page for Google Scholar and enter the term you are looking for into the box and wait for the results to be displayed. On the right side of every entry, there is a link with your library's name on it. When you click the link, you will find out how you can obtain the material at your particular library.

Step 3

Check on Google Scholar advanced search choices with the benefit of reducing searches to get the most recent articles. In addition, you can include other choices of you like with the articles, whether you want abstracts, complete texts or just the free complete text articles.

Step 4

Moreover, Google contains access to several online libraries such as the Public Library of Medicine so, use Google features to look for the libraries. The articles that are not freely accessible can be bought easily online. Google always provides the addresses of the publishers that publicize these articles.

Step 5

Use the keyword feature in the Google Scholar with the help of which you can explore the Internet with ease and obtain the most applicable articles. Additionally, explore the articles with the aid of the record of authors or the periodicals. Also, Google will notify the ranking of the articles and the journals in order to obtain the best references for your research paper. Furthermore, you can get the papers on quoted researches through the feature of the citations. The feature of associated articles enables you to search new and related references for your article.


  • If you are not associated with a specific library, you can still have benefit of Google Scholar because quotations of many books are accessible on the web.
  • Since Google Scholar contains articles from preprint collections, one is able to find previous drafts of articles online, regularly without subscribing.
  • However, remember that when making use of these articles as references, they might undergo major reviews before publication. So, it is a great objective to verify the final copy of the manuscript before finishing your own paper.

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