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When you enter a word or phrase in google search box, a list of items is shown one of which may be demanded by you. The tool that makes it possible is known as keyword google tool. This quality makes the browsers to search at much faster rate as compared to others. It happens sometimes that, we do not know what we are looking for, in such cases keyword google tool provides us with different options. It enables us to choose an option from given list hence, saves time of searching different items to get a required result. Google differentiates the search between local and global; it may restrict or expand your search accordingly.


When you enter a word or phrase and start searching keyword google tool gives you the entered word along with several other related items. It is an amazing tool to work with but it has some shortcomings as well. It provides a list of items without further guidance on how to use them. It does not organize anything itself, you have to organize everything on your own. These disadvantages require the tool to be handled carefully. Here are some tips to use keyword google tool efficiently.


In order to successfully search what you need, enter the word or phrase in its correct organized form. You can emphasize your search by adding inverted commas or using negative keywords to restrict the search. For example; if you add, engineering universities not mechanical, google search will show you all the engeneering universities around the world except universities specializing in mechanical department. Keyword google tool do not know what category are you looking for, so describe the category to enable google to make a specific search for you instead of searching out irrelevant terms.

Do not use number while using keyword google tool; as it gives large results from whom it is difficult to sort out the desired result. Click show all option to see all the possible results and then remove the items you don’t need in your search. You can use “add” to make a list of items, you need to search for. If you combine keyword google tool with “google insight for search” it enables a person to see what general people are searching for. If you are looking for keywords to increase your search engine optimization ranking on google; have a look on your competitor’s keyword and then work on your content to produce a keyword that suits your choice.


Now keyword Google tools use small, medium and large keywords ranking to give a meaning to green bar (green bar shows result extent of your search). This new change has been made to make the keyword easier for businesses. Instead of going to keywords and figuring out what green bar means, it provides easy way of reading the results. Keyword google tool is an amazing tool and it should be used while keeping in mind above mentioned tips to enhance its efficiency. I hope these tips will be quiet helpful with respect to keyboard Google tool.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/03/2012
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Google Keyword Tool Tips. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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