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Google Desktop is a software that is used for desktop search. It allows users to search for emails, music, files, photos, chats, web pages and other Google gadgets. Google released first version of Desktop application in 2004.

This program enabled the users to instantly search their computers for specific contents. It is done in similar way like the way it is done when using to search web. Google Desktop looks at chat logs, email messages, zipped archives, the web and media content.

Google Desktop offers other features as well. The program is available for free downloading on which is the official website. It is available for Windows XP, MAC OS X, Windows server 2000 and Windows Vista. Google released the latest version -5.0 in 2007.Google Desktop is used by millions who are engrossed by its usage and user feedback.

The way users store and access data has changed over the years through introduction to new applications that are web based. There is a significant shift to cloud based storage from local computing and storage.

Google Desktop functionality has been integrated to most of the latest operating systems. In 2011 Google announced that it will discontinue its support for Google Desktop as new developments had enabled many to access their personal information instantly.

Step 1

Google Desktop installation is a clear-cut process. Begin by downloading the application from then run the installer. It installs the software and places a small icon on Window System tray. Make desktop shortcut and set preferences when the browser window opens up and asks you to set them up. Google Desktop starts to index files on hard drive if the computer is idle for over 30 seconds. Indexing takes several hours.

Step 2

The application interface has undergone dramatic changes. The latest version has sidebar for users to customize the information they desire to view. This is done by clicking the title bar on a certain panel then dragging it to a chosen point on the screen. The panels are called gadgets and they are added by pointing the mouse to the Sidebar and clicking Add. A window with several gadgets appears. You should selectthe gadget you need.

Step 3

Indexing is the technology behind Google Desktop. When youinstall the application, it indexes the files on the computer to simplify future searching. It makes files searching to be faster than built in Windows’ search. Indexing procedure is done when the computer is idle hence it does not slowdown any tasks.

If you move files and make extensive changes to the hard drive, you need to re-index the system manually. Click the Google Desktop icon placed on system tray and click on indexing then click Re-Index.

Step 4

Google Desktop is useful for local searching but there are other extensions available in plug in form. They are called gadgets. Some of the gadgets are  gthat brings to the desktop for easier referencing of categories or topics and Dictionary Gadget for looking up words when reading web pages.

Download free gadgets from There are divided into several categories. Install them by clicking the ones you like and confirm. They integrate automatically on GD.

Step 5

When searching the web, the local results integrate into search results and an attacker may use the chance to gain access to a section of hard drive. Remove the insecure feature by going to Options->Preferences then ->Display. - Un-check Google Integration on the bottom.


You can use Google Desktop to improve productivity by taking advantage of available gadgets.

  1. Timer and Task List
    This gadget enables you keep track of daily tasks and the time to spend on each.

  2. Gmail Notifier
    Gmail Notifier makes it easier to respond to emails within a short moment. It is more focused than displaying the whole inbox in Gmail gadget.

  3. Spellchecker
    This is a Google Desktop gadget you can use to enter words, to get their meaning, check for spelling errors and correct them.

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