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If you are just getting acquainted with what Google sketchup is, here is a brief introduction. It is software recently unleashed by Google. The basic purpose of introducing this software is to ease the designing of three dimensional models. Google is offering this software online for free which has increased the number of people cultivating their skills on 3D modeling. Using sketchup can be simple for it is neither difficult to learn and nor does it require any cost. This software has developed a reputation among engineers, architects, game developers and many other concerned professionals. Google sketchup is very convenient software as it does not require a complicated hardware; it can easily be operated on a Pentium 3. To give the model accuracy the software allows the placement of the model within Google maps and Google earth.


Like any other software, sketchup was gradually built to be more efficient. Sketchup software was established by Boulder and Colorado. Later Brad Schell became a co-benefactor of the company. This software gained success in a very short period which allowed faster research and quick learning of the tools of 3D software. Due to its rising popularity among the users, new versions of Google sketchup were introduced in 2006 instead of 2008 and the latest version is expecting its release in 2012. With every new version, new features were added.


Google sketchup has very impressive features which allow the users to utilize the software properly. All the sketchup features are very user friendly. For a beginner learning this software is very easy due to its integrated tutorial and training programs. The latest version of sketchup i.e. “SketchUp 8” has the most features till date. It consists of more than 20 exciting features. The common feature in all versions is “edges and face” (edges are the lines drawn and face is referred to the shape actualised in 2D by the edges), “quick switching to 3D” (any 2D sketch can be intruded into 3D through the tool of push/pull, “Accuracy” (since it is used on a computer, cork precision is provided according to your need, the model can be extracted to other programs as well.), “follow me” (it is to sweep around the outline of the sketch), “Paint Bucket” (this feature was not provided in all the versions, it allows the user to make a colourful model with textures), “Groups and components” (this feature automatically reflects the changes you make in one to all the others as well), “Shadows” (this allows a designer to keep the light work under consideration, as architects say direction of light is very important to keep in mind when designing a model), “Sections” (it allows you to see inside your model while you are working on it) and many other exciting features which force you to develop an interest in designing.

Tips and Comments

It is recommended to use the trail version before going pro with Google sketchup. It will be easier for you to decide then if this software is what you are looking for and if it fulfils all your needs.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/21/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
Learning Google Sketchup. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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