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Top ten hot spots of Las Vegas

Las Vegas Vacations - Las Vagas is synonymous to a sexy place and it may be called the city of sin.

Are you planning for Las Vagas vacations? Well it is one of the places where you can enjoy yourself thoroughly. Here are the top ten sizzling and hot destinations for you to enjoy in Las Vagas vacation. Are your fire extinguishers ready?


  1. Cathouse: Dance and cuisine both are at a high here. The cuisine is from the well-known chef Kerry Simons and the dishes are served by some of the sexiest lingerie-clad dancers.

  2. Tao: this place is a perfect blend of delicious food along with club life. With a DJ playing the best of best songs the club boasts of 2 dance floors which are indoors and also a terrace which is a host to the most spectacular views throughout Las Vegas.

  3. Bare Pool: Icy popsicle, smoothies, exotic fruits name all the exotic things and they are here. A place to sun bath and enjoy your life. A place to give your Las Vagas vacations a thrill.

  4. Forty Deuce: This place gives the real Las Vegas feel. There is a show which is held every evening and after that the DJ takes over and the dancing continues till late night. However before the show there is cover in order to make the place look a bit ordinary.


5. Prive: True to its name this place is highly priced but then which place that boasts of Hollywood style dancing and singing would not be. While visiting this place be careful to dress up properly and dress-to-kill as you never know who might see and get impressed!!

6. Strip House: This place is all skin. Come here to satisfy your innermost desires and find the most scintillatilating of the dances here. This place is located just above the Planet Hollywood Resort.

7. Box Waxing Boutique: This place is a boutique where you can get what you desire. After visiting the other places your desire to dress increases and this place does justice to your demands.

8. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa: this place is an ultimate in luxury and decor. It has a 8 feet round bed which actually rotates and also has a Playboy Jacuzzi too... What more could one desire to host the perfect private party for fun and sin.

9. Pussycat Dolls Lounge: this club has everything Las Vegas is famous for. It boasts of sexy girls dancing and the thick smoke fills the room. Everything you wished for comes true here.

10. Playboy Club: This comes last in the list but it may be the best. It can cater to all your vices you ever dreamt of. You get the a satisfying experience visiting this place.

Tips and comments

  • If you are going for Las Vagas vacations be ready for spending high
  • If you are married it would be my personal advice take your wife along if you are of the faithful kind but if you are not then go ahead and enjoy..

Las Vegas is the City of Sin and if you are planning to go for vacations here do be careful and don't get carried away. However Las Vagas vacations are the best and should be done at least once in your lifetime.

By poetry, published at 02/01/2012
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