How To Prevent a Sunburn on Ghost White Skin
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How To Prevent a Sunburn on Ghost White Skin

Published at 04/01/2012 16:13:26


How To Prevent a Sunburn on Ghost White Skin

Sunburn is the burning of white skin tissues due to the excess of exposure to the sunlight which passes ultraviolet radiations. The ultraviolet rays create free radial which are highly unstable and ready to steal an electron from any atom and react with it. This chain of radical production continues as the molecule radical steals an electron from the atom and becomes a radical itself. This is the same way how ultraviolet affects the human white skin living cells.

Step 1

First, limit sun exposure. Exposure of white skin to sunlight can be healthy when this exposure is for a limited time period but a prolonged exposure might cause mild sunburn which will lead to symptoms such as red, itchy and hot skin, fatigued body and mild dizziness. In case the sun exposure is extreme, it can cause serious life threatening diseases such as skin cancer, creating tumors within the skin cells. Hence avoid sunbaths when the sunlight’s heat is at extreme intensity. Going for a sunbath between 10AM to 4PM can generally cause sunburn as the sun is at its peak around this time. Therefore enjoy sunbathing before 10AM, at these hours sunlight provides human skin with vitamin D which is healthy for the skin.

Step 2

Second, wear suitable gears when going out in sunlight. Not just for the beach but even when you are going outdoors during the day where you have an idea that sun exposure can affect your white skin, wear appropriate items such as sunglasses as ultraviolet rays affect your eyes as well. To avoid facial skin interacting with ultraviolet radiations, wear a hat, big enough to provide a shade to your whole face. To avoid sunburn on your white skin, wear long sleeved clothes and tights to cover your legs from getting sunburned.

Step 3

Whenever you are about to leave shade, always wear a sunscreen on your white skin. It is recommended to wear a (Sun Protective Factor) SPF 15 as it blocks ninety percent of the sunburn causing ultraviolet radiation. If you apply a greater number of SPF such as SPF 20 it will block even more UV radiations from affecting your skin.

Step 4

If you are to stay long in the sun, re-apply the sunscreen over your white skin after every few hours to ensure the protection against the UV radiations.

Step 5

Last, drink a lot of water as sunlight dehydrates your white skin first and then burns it; therefore confirm an intake of minimum eight glasses of water a day.


How To Prevent a Sunburn on Ghost White Skin

Sunburn is very common among people who live in the coastal areas, places with beaches and mountainous areas. In mountainous areas, the skin in more exposed to the sun. People who live there are not affected as much by the sun as the white skin of people who go there as visitors. But people, who get sunburn while on the beach, can be both visitors and natives. Everyone enjoys taking sun baths occasionally, but a sun burn can ruin both your skin and your vacation. Therefore it is advisable to take precautionary measures and prevent your skin from sunburn.

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