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Why Get a 3G Upgrade For Your Smartphone


3G was introduced first time in 2001. It is also known as third generation of cellular network. 3G became the most famous cellular technology which is being used by almost every cellular manufacturer. It is the wireless based technology that can be used anywhere easily without facing any hurdles. The purpose to launch 3G was only to make high increment in rate of data transfer and to increase speed. 3G is the most prominent technology in the mobile industry. 3G is actually CDMA based technology that has many advantages over the GSM based technology. Because it facilitates many Smartphones just by using fewer cell sites. The main advantage that 3G has over lower technologies is economic advantage.


It has many other advantages, so you should get a 3G upgrade for your Smartphone. 3G network gives you high rate of coverage criteria than GSM, usually where expansive towers of GSM are difficult to add. 3G is more compatible technology for your Smartphone. 3G provides efficient network speed than GSM. Two types of 3G are now in use CDMA2000 and EV-DO. 3G network allows multiple applications to run on your Smartphone without any problem. 3G provides efficient speed for packet data. It also provides packet based switching. It uses single switching technique for both data and voice. 3G provides two different standards of pattern for North America and Europe.

Some manufacturers design Smartphones using these standards of 3G in such a way that they would be able to work on both of these regions at a time. These standards are used to replace many other technologies. 3G technology has higher speed and it supports data based services which increase video streaming, web access and provides faster downloading. You can even download song, videos and movies on your smart phone easily.3G provide 2MBPS faster download to your Smartphone. 3G provides device authentication feature to your Smartphone when you connect it with other devices for the purpose of communication or sharing. You can even see the person to whom you are talking if you have 3Gupgrade in you Smartphone. So in this way you just simply take great step ahead from conventional voice calls. It provides easy video conferencing. It also provides some extensive bundles of features to your Smartphone.

3G also provides faster web access than GSM. 3G standards patterns are highly compatible with International Mobile Telecommunications. You can even avail positioning and world map services through 3Gupgrade. Now you can easily look up for some particular places. It also provides you different interesting games with multiplayer functionality by using 3G fast internet technology. Data can easily and efficiently transfer to other devices by using 3G upgrade on your Smartphone.

If you get 3G upgrade in your Smartphone, it’s like carrying the globe in your pocket. So always try to purchase 3G enabled Smartphone so you may easily get 3G upgrade. It will cost you little extra than normal GSM based phones, but you will realize soon that you have got the worth of your money. These are the main reasons why people are switching to mobile phone upgrade.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/20/2012
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Why Get a 3G Upgrade For Your Smartphone. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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