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Best "15.4" " Laptop" Under 200 Dollars


Everywhere we go and wherever we are, we need technology and digital media to get any work done. We need cellphones for talking, we need GPS for driving and we need laptops for working. It is only a matter of time when laptops will have completely replaced desktop PC users. Not only inside homes, but laptops are also being used by office workers and business men as it is more portable, safe and easier for them. Now laptops are really expensive equipment.

Decent laptops start from nearly $400 and go up till $1000 and $2000. People work hard for their money and most of the good things are still out of reach. Now no one likes to use those tiny 9" screen laptops. They are really good, tiny and portable and perfect for students in class rooms but when you are at home, you would rather prefer at least a 15.4 laptop. Of course, these machines are not cheap and for a good 15.4". laptop you are going have to spend a hefty sum from your pay check.

Quite frankly, if you go to the market today you are not going to find much in just $200. After hours of researching, I hardly found one or two good laptops that if you find near you, you will be able to get for $200. The first thing you need to know is that you will not get any 15.4" laptop for $200 with an i3 or more recent processor. You might get great ones for that price in notebooks and mini computers but not in a 15.4" laptop. You could somehow manage to get one as long as it is refurbished or used which really is not all that bad.

Now there are more ways than one to get what you want. Just because Wall mart and Amazon is selling laptops for $400, does not mean there is no way you could get it for less. There are exporting and importing companies that are more than willing to sell you those same laptops for nearly half the price. Like HP 6720s is available for $250, while its real retail price is $500, there is a catch though. You will have to order it online from China and the minimum order you can place is 20 pieces or more. So if you have 20 friends who just like want a really good and new laptop for $200, then this is one way you can get it.

Still there are few 15.4" laptops available in the market right in your backyard and they are more than satisfying, and are great to use. The first most popular 15.4" laptop under $200 is the DELL Latitude D800, Pentium M processor, 1.7GHZ, 1028MB RAM, Wi-Fi and 40GB HD space. Now for $200, that is not bad. You have your basic minimum RAM space, satisfying hard disk space and a fast enough processor. It is now as fast as the newer models but can still pull a lot off.

The second much better but a little more closer to $200 is the HP Dv5. Now if you Google this laptop, you will get a retail price of around $600 but the good thing about this that it is still available in the market with a Core 2 duo processor and a dual core processor. You will be lucky to find the dual core processor, but it will cost around $200 and you will get all the amazing perks of a good looking laptop. 1GB of RAM space, 40 GB hard drive and a licensed window XP or Vista operating system. I would prefer on the dual core you stick to Windows XP as Vista might get a little heavy for the system.


Finally, I would recommend Dell Latitude D620 with 1.8 GHz, 1GB RAM, and CDRW/DVD. It is still a great deal for $200. If you want a 15.4" laptop for $200 these are pretty much most of your quality options. Now you will probably get a lot more options at the local market, you never know they might be trying to sell off the last core2 Duo of a great series and they might settle in for $200.

By Amara, published at 02/21/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Best "15.4" " Laptop" Under 200 Dollars. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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