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the Difference Between Notebooks And Laptops


In today fast paced and ever changing world of technology, you'll find people using pads, pods, net-books, notebooks, and laptops.  It can get a bit confusing as what is what, so today we're going to explain the differences between notebooks and laptops. If you've ever faced the question "what's the difference between a notebook and laptop? Aren't they the same", You'll be able to answer that question in a educated, informative and correct manner.

Let's delve a bit into the history between the notebooks and laptops.



In today's world, the difference between a notebook and a laptop is negligible, as they're two different names for the same thing. This is however a recent development, as historically there was a major difference between the two. Laptops were  technically mobile Desktop units, while notebooks where small and compact computing units, essentially they were underpowered, small laptops.

The major difference between the two was lifestyle, notebooks were for college students or kids, people who had little to do other then write papers and store files, maybe watch a movie or two and listen to some music while they were at it. Laptops on the other hand were for serious professionals: game designers who needed mobility, coders, programmers, businesses professional and the like.

So in summary, Notebooks were for average non-tech home users, while laptops were for computer professionals who needed mobility.


As you've probably noticed, the differences between notebooks and laptops are being referred to in the past tense, this is because due to the advances in technology and the drop in prices for gadgets in recent times, there is virtually no difference between notebooks and laptops anymore. As matter of fact, the last time one could truly claim a difference between the two was in the year 2006, when Apple had it's line of portable computers divided between the Pro and Book lines.

However, when there was a  discernible difference between the two platforms, it was mainly in screen size and internal features.

Notebooks typically had 13 inch screens, shared virtual memory, slower processors, were cheaply made and had no more then 1 GB of RAM. They were difficult to upgrade, clean, and  repair, but were also lighter the laptops.

Laptops, on the other hand had screens that ranged from 15 inches up to to 18 inches, older versions even had 20 inch screens. They came with separate memory cards, dedicated graphics, better builds, faster processors, with a minimum 4 GB's of Ram (upgradeable), and were easily serviceable.




Tips and comments

In conclusion, if you're wondering whether you should purchase a notebook or laptop, or what's the difference between notebooks and laptops, the answer to both questions is that there is no difference between the two products today, the only difference is in the individual specifications for each unique product.

You can easily find notebooks that are superiors to traditional laptops, and vice-versa, because they've both become the same thing in today's world. However, there is a difference between, net-books and notebooks/laptops. Also a new breed of notebooks called Ultra-books have begun production.

So as the battle of nick names and acronyms heats up, we'll continue to keep you in the know how here at How To Hint, so stay tuned in and don't forget to comment!

By Mohseen Lala, published at 02/28/2012
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