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How To Interchange the Ac Adapter For a Laptop


We have all been there. You are busy surfing the web or doing some work on your laptop and you notice your battery getting low. You go to charge your laptop with your ac adapter laptop charger and you get no charge. This can be frustrating as we all need our laptops running smoothly. Buying a replacement ac adapter laptop charger can be expensive if you try to purchase from the manufacturer. There are ways to save money and changing your adapter is an easy process that will have your laptop up and running again in no time.

Step 1

You must find out the model number of both your laptop and your ac adapter laptop charger. If you do not know these important numbers, you will not be able to purchase the correct charger and your computer will not charge and could possibly be damaged. The numbers for your computer can be found on the bottom and usually include both numbers and letters. The model number for your ac adapter laptop charger can be found on the box that runs along the cord. Having both of these numbers is crucial to finding the perfect fit for your laptop.

Step 2

Educating yourself is key to getting the best ac adapter laptop charger. Read reviews online and talk with computer specialists. There are many types of replacement chargers that can be purchased and they range from inexpensive to quite expensive. You want to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company when purchasing a charger. Read up on the reviews and the specs to be sure that it is compatible with your brand of computer. All AC jacks are made differently. Your computer will not be able to accept the charger of another brand of computer so do your homework and know exactly what type of ac adapter laptop charger you need. This will save you both time and hassle.

Step 3

Make sure that the ac adapter laptop charger that you purchase has a warranty and a good return policy. This will save you issues if you get a faulty charger or have any issues with your purchase. Read the fine print carefully to be sure you understand the purchase you are making. If you are purchasing online, read up on reviews of the company from previous buyers. This will give you a good idea if you are making a wise purchase. In the end, it is important to factor in both quality and price as you make your decision.

Step 4

When you get your new ac adapter laptop charger, it is important to test it carefully. Make sure that your AC jack is free from any debris. Check the charger for any issues such as nicks or damage. Make sure all of the aspects of the ac adapter laptop charger are connected before you plug it in. This will prevent electrical shock and irreversible damage to your laptop. Make sure that the plug fits securely both into your laptop and into your wall receptacle. Let the laptop charge completely before you try to use it again.

Step 5

To prevent your new ac adapter laptop charger from failing, use care when you are charging your laptop. Make sure that your laptop is being charged in a secure location where it will not fall or be damaged. Make sure that the plug is not in an area where people can trip on it and make sure the plug is secure and not prone to damage. Don't use your laptop while it is being charged unless you must. This can cause damage to your charger. It is important to remove your ac adapter laptop charger each time that it is done charging and store it properly to prevent kinks and damage. This will prolong the life of your charger and save you money.


  • Look for great deals on a charger replacement.
  • Make sure that you purchase the correct charger for your laptop.
  • Protect your charger from damage.
  • Use your charger with care.

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