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How To Prevent Cedar Tree Diseases

Published at 04/03/2012 16:29:00


The name cedar does not refer to one kind of tree but rather many species of tree but one common thing is that they have similar cedar tree diseases. One precaution that one may use when planting cider tree is to space them far apart enough to ensure good air flow and also it is important to water them from below when you develop these two cultures then you will evade the problem of cedar tree diseases.


Cedar-apple Rust

This is a cedar tree diseases that is caused by the fungus Gymnosporangium juniperivirginianae. For this cedar tree disease to complete its cycle it needs an alternative host and hence when one tree gets it spreads to other trees really fast. Some of the symptoms of this cedar tree disease include swollen growths or woody galls that appear on branches or shoots. To control this cedar tree disease you can use fungicides or you can plant varieties of cedar trees that are resistant to this disease.

Port-Orford-Cedar root disease

This is a cedar tree diseases that is caused by the fungus Phytophthora Lateralis. When a cedar tree is infected with this disease its rootlets appear water soaked they then darken and later disintegrate. After all this the roots will finally turn to deep cinnamon brown color. The trees that have this cedar tree disease will have foliage that is slightly lighter than normal and with time it will wither and turn light brown. Bark Beetles will attack unhealthy trees which may speed up death. To control this cedar tree disease make sure you plant cedar trees far apart to allow air flow between trees, fungicides can also control the cedar tree disease but not up to 100%.


Tip Blights

This is a cedar tree disease caused by fungi Phomopsis and is commonly found in the east of the Mississippi River. This cedar tree disease can cause severe damage but on the other hand they are rarely fatal to established plants. The symptoms of this cedar tree disease include brown or red and dying tips of twigs. You can prevent this cedar tree disease by planting disease resistant plants and planting them far apart to allow circulation you can also make sure you water them only in the morning and prune out diseased branches to avoid transmition.

Witches ‘Broom

This cedar tree disease produces clusters of branches that are swollen at the base with many short, lateralshoots extending from the base. This cedar tree disease causes the tree to be unsightly but it is not fatal whatsoever and mostly affects the young and more stressed trees. The best treatment for this cedar tree disease is to cut off and destroy cedar brooms during the winter and always make sure you water your plants in the morning.

Brown Felt Blight

This cedar tree disease is caused by the fungus Herpotrichia juniper. The symptoms for this cedar tree disease are brown mycelium covers its leaves and twigs. To remedy this disease you may spray with a fungicide containing 5% zineb or maneb before the first snowfall to prevent the fungus from taking over.

Tips and comments

cedar trees should be planted away from each other to prevent most cedar tree diseases and to allow air to flow.



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